Bwog thought the seventh floor of Hamilton was kinda just fine the way it was. The Hamilton elevator not so much. But hey, what the hell d
o we know?

Elsewhere in the ever-exciting world of campus facilities: the Mac is still standing, but probably not for that much longer–Barnard residents have told us they’ve been informed by e-mail that everybody’s favorite concrete slab has been slated for destruction sometime during the next couple of weeks.

Sad news, but we’re oddly comforted (or maybe just thoroughly confused) by this ancient piece of Digitalia:

“One’s experience of traveling through MacIntosh Hall can be understood as a purely spatial experience dictated by a drastic contrast between forward motion on this journey and retrospection on reverse motion along the journey.”

Will one’s experience of watching Mac get torn down be quite the spatial, drastically contrasting, forwardly moving and plaintively retrospective experience as grabbing a cup of Java City between classes? Stay tuned.