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sdfsIn the spirit of symbolic welcome, NSOP is throwing a party for the class of 2011 on the site where many others before them waited in lines and were herded through stations: Ellis Island. Like the whole thing.

An NSOP insider has informed us that the children will be transported via chartered ferry to the patriotic tourist attraction, where they’ve rented out the immigration center and surrounding lawns. Welcome to America? 

In other news of the weird and/or nifty: New York’s public transit patrons must not mind gaggles of drunk Columbians. Ivygate has the scoop on Chinese feuds. And a very dear Bwog grandmother is now blogging for them!


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  1. Question

    Do you mean class of 2011?

  2. a 2010-er

    psssh i hope they really did mean 2010, these 2011 kids are too lame. besides itll make up for our coney island one, which was meh.

    • psh  

      nsop is what you make of it. i had a good amount of fun at coney island, even though i came late and didn't get to go on any rides. i hung out with friends and had a great time.

      a party on ellis island might be a little awkward, though. remember that will smith made eva mendes cry there. imagine that times the whole freshman class.

      i feel like an ellis island event can be one of two things: a learning experience on immmigration, which isn't exactly what freshmen want during their first week in college, or a complete disregard for the historical significance of the place.

  3. Lydia

    Oops, you're right, error fixed. I think I'm a little behind the times. And bwogging at 6 in the morning.

  4. i must say  

    ellis island is an odd choice for a party. there is a quasi-religiosity to that place that doesn't mesh well with a bumping party. my mother just visited there with her friend yesterday, and she thought it was a very powerful experience.

    i think having the party in st. john's (dare i be so crass) would make more sense.

  5. Well...

    Will Smith took Eva Menes to Ellis Island in Hitch so it must be a bumpin' place.

  6. '09

    I thought my year's party on the Intrepid was pretty cool, though I regret not having known enough to pregame. A silly freshman mistake which I've thankfully yet to repeat.

  7. '10

    I missed out on all of the NSOP planned activities last year, and I'm willing to bet that I had a better orientation week than all of the people who went to those events.

  8. when

    you said "bwog grandmother" the first thought that popped into my head was some old gs student.

  9. sorry  

    nothing was lamer than 08's party at madame tussaud's

    • Agreed  

      That year's NSOP makes me embarassed to be a senior.

      I don't know about quasi-religiosity. I think that the part of the island where they take your photo and then stick your head on an 1890s immigrant completely destroys any historical integrity that the location once had.

      No, I'm not kidding. That exhibit actually does exist.

      As far as I'm concerned, I would have rather had a ferry trip than a visit to Times Square, tourist capital of the world. So at least NSOP 2007 has outdone NSOP 2004 (which isn't saying much).

    • i'll second that

      that was pretty fucking retarded. instead of showing up at a landmark of significance or a naval carrier, we ended up at a place with imitations. sweet.

  10. '07

    we went to msg, but just like the lounge area. we couldn't even run around on the court. best part was running around in the theater at msg.

  11. Beth

    Aww. You guys make me blush.


  12. Beth

    P.S. No matter what they tell you, real life doesn't really suck. Sure, you have to pay rent and go to work, but at least you get a bathroom that's all your own.

  13. Push them

    into the river!
    2011 I mean, not the Granny.

    That subway article is interesting too; you'd think most trains would be equally good (/bad), at least in terms of things like cleanliness

  14. '10

    Ellis Island really doesn't sound like all that much fun. If the party sucks, you're stuck. At least at Coney Island there are rides. And a subway or two back to campus.

  15. 09'er

    Dude, nothing beats a live band on the USS Intrepid!

  16. ...

    the nsop "secret concert" is clipse this year, fwiw. :(

  17. clipse?


    also, I will be changing my last name to corleone before registering for classes

  18. Camp Counselor

    The fresh meat's looking real ugly this year. Don't forget to stock up on paperbags, boy-os

  19. bah  

    back in nsop 1911, they took us to the triangle shirtwaist factory. some stupid prefrosh spilled their drink AND dropped their lit pipe onto some clothes. man, that was one crazy night...sucked for the workers though.

  20. 08er

    I dunno, this doesn't sound so bad. Since it's at night, it's probably worth it just for the views on the boat ride. I know that getting hammered and taking some girl to the Staten Island Ferry during orientation convinced her to swap bodily fluids with me, so maybe the principle will work for all those other loser kids out there and someone'll get laid.
    Then again, this is Columbia.

  21. question

    I wonder how many students lose their virginity during orientation week?

    Anyone? Anyone?

  22. '10

    eh coney island sucked...but I don't think a huge boat would have been much better, who comes up with these lame ideas

  23. oh man

    1911 and 1863 cracked me up.

    no comments on the MoMA party?

  24. ???

    uh.. ellis island seems like a weird place to partayyyyy. are people gonna bump coke off the health inspection desks?

  25. Angry Columbian

    Let's not leave out the other stereotype: I saw another hot 2011er but he had a girlfriend.

  26. Armin Rosen

    is a genius. Surrender bwog to him!

  27. chestnut

    not to bring up mark modesitt again because I'm sure not even his own mother cares by now, but I did hear that he used to be one of the students in charge of NSOP, only to leave after claiming oh-so-familiar charges of "harrassment" against a fellow student organizer. looks like mark is back to his old tricks again!

  28. harassment

    is so gay. and by gay i mean bad.

  29. Alexander Hamilton

    I recollect NSOP 1773, when our entire collective took a trip to Boston. We observed numerous wondrous ships in the city harbour, many bearing wooden containers of the notorious English concoction known also as Earl Grey Tea. Of course, it was fit in those days to bring a servant to accompany one in all NSOP activities, and as such, one young lad's servant (named, as I shall never forget, Haywood Jablomie) thought it wise to propel overboard the containers I have heretofore mentioned. Many young lads, having already imbibed numerous gallons of Samuel Adams' fine brew on the trip northward, joined in as well. Aye those were the finest days of NSOP King's College did see.

  30. ok..

    now its not so funny anymore

  31. I remember

    when we ran a joke into the fucking round

  32. curious george

    yo, #51, where can I get a hold of the NSOP sched?

  33. me!

    MoMa party was LAME.

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