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j-school gradsCongratulations, CC grads: you forked over $11.8 million for the Columbia College Fund this year. That’s more than any year yet, according to an e-mail sent to ’07ers yesterday.

It didn’t take tipsters long to point out the Fund’s fumble. The thank you e-mail sent to donors included this photo from Commencement 2007. Oops.

Full text of the lovely message to “all 11,501” J-school (er… CC) donors after the jump.







Thank you, proud Columbia College donors – all 11,501 of you!

Your generosity and dedication to advancing Columbia College has resulted in raising $11.8 million, the most successful year in the history of the College Fund. Our success is a direct result of our collaboration and partnership with alumni and parent volunteers.

Your gifts benefit every aspect of a student’s experience at Columbia, including the professors and activities in the Core, the opportunities for internships, student activities on campus and the financial aid that makes a Columbia education possible.

On behalf of Columbia College and its students, we offer you our sincere gratitude.

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  1. 07 grad

    happy to see I wasn't the only one who noticed and replied to the CCF about their gaffe.

  2. CML Imposter

    $11.8 million?! Unbelievable. This is fantastic news. Hopefully this indicates a positive trend in which Columbia will soon catch up to its peers in endowment size.

    Watch out Princeton!

  3. just wondering

    what was the average donation?

  4. jds

    duh...11.8 million divided by 11,501...

  5. huh?

    so was the 11.8m sum for the j-school also? or will we never know?

  6. Sprinkles

    I don't get it. They got both the number of donors and the total amount incorrect?

    • mlp

      No, they sent an email to the CC class congratulating them on donating to the CC Fund and included a picture of J School graduates. Apparently they weren't thankful enough to bother finding a picture of the people they were thanking.

      • ...and...

        the number of donors was wrong too. We do not have 11,500 CC students.

        • ok so

          i have a feeling the contribution amount, number of contributing students, and photo are all wrong. seems to me like the stats (students and dough collected) reflects the entire CU graduation class of '07, the picture the J-school. Will we ever know how much CC raised? Also what about SEAS/Barnard/GS funds? And then we can figure out the average contribution per student in each school and see who wins there like we do with everything else!

        • clearly

          it's 11,501 which, of course, is an entirely believable number since 11,500 seems rounded and unscientific. Clearly, that extra one proves this number's legitimacy.

  7. i thought

    it was the sum total of all CC Alums donations. this is the college fund. and at a thousand dollars per person, thats more of an alumni rate.

    • mlp

      That's what I thought as well. If the email only went out to CC 07s they probably would have said CC Senior Fund. And #13, did you donate? If not, that's probably why you didn't get an email.

  8. CC 07

    What email? I did not get one...

  9. alums

    We CC alums received the e-mail...and I doubt very many of us (even those who graduated just a couple of years ago) noticed that the photograph was of journalism students. Members of the senior class who gave to the class gift received it since they're probably on some sort of thank you e-mail list.

  10. GS raised more

    GS raised more. I know it for a fax is trew. $12.0, read 'em and weep

  11. i am proud

    use the money well

  12. mr calculator

    So...umm, I just divided 11.8 million by 11,501. It's $1025. Is there any way that it's really that high? Most people I know gave $1 or the min amount to get a beer mug. I guess it's possible that one person gave a very large donation..

  13. good lord

    why are you people so retarded? how did you even get into this school?

    Columbia College does its own fund raising. These funds go into the "Columbia College Fund"

    The senior class gift is rolled into this fund, i.e. contributed to the 11.8 million dollar total.

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