j-school gradsCongratulations, CC grads: you forked over $11.8 million for the Columbia College Fund this year. That’s more than any year yet, according to an e-mail sent to ’07ers yesterday.

It didn’t take tipsters long to point out the Fund’s fumble. The thank you e-mail sent to donors included this photo from Commencement 2007. Oops.

Full text of the lovely message to “all 11,501” J-school (er… CC) donors after the jump.







Thank you, proud Columbia College donors – all 11,501 of you!

Your generosity and dedication to advancing Columbia College has resulted in raising $11.8 million, the most successful year in the history of the College Fund. Our success is a direct result of our collaboration and partnership with alumni and parent volunteers.

Your gifts benefit every aspect of a student’s experience at Columbia, including the professors and activities in the Core, the opportunities for internships, student activities on campus and the financial aid that makes a Columbia education possible.

On behalf of Columbia College and its students, we offer you our sincere gratitude.