Of kooks and cabdrivers

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jklJust thought we’d bring to your attention two of the latest places Columbia has made the news: 

A new film waxing indignant about censorship and anti-semitism, conveniently collapsing all of Columbia into the MEALAC department…

And former Sen. Mike Gravel’s excellent adventure, via cab, to his former stomping grounts.

Thank you, Google alerts.

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  1. Yes, thanks

    Google Alerts. You've given Bwog its new peak of wittiness.

  2. Citizen

    Welcome to private property, dumbasses. I'm pretty sure Columbia could sue to have the video taken down too, if this were significant enough to warrant the trouble.

  3. oh jeez...

    homeboy appears to fancy himself as a conservative michael moore...

    i bet his movie is pretty entertaining, and also deeply meaningful if you assume that the average college is comprised of nonthinking sheep...

  4. the dabashi quote

    is also wrong (surprise).

  5. I like

    to think that most of the liberal arts junkies will end up as nutty as Gravel in the years to come.

  6. damn!  

    all this stifling of free speech! i went to the physics department and told them that gravity was a liberal, leftist construct and they told me to leave! INDOCTRINATION! THEY ONLY WANT YOU TO HEAR ONE POINT OF VIEW

  7. from the website  

    "Far from functioning as bastions of serious thought and reasoned debate, Maloney found, campuses today operate as mental processing plants, doing more to tell students what to say and think than to teach them to think for themselves."
    UMM, if you can't lay the foundation to prepare yourself to teach yourself how to think yourself by the time you get to college, you've got bigger problems to worry about

  8. hang on

    Surely by showing that some people didn't know that the quote was from a CU professor, they prove that indoctrination does not take place at Columbia, that Dabashi's opinions (if they are as quoted) have not reached students. The ones who did attribute it to a professor seemed to disagree with the sentiment in the quote, which would prove that students are not swayed by the opinions of professors. So what the film really shows is that when a CU professor has an extreme opinion about something, some don't hear about it, and others don't agree with it, which is the opposite of indoctrination.

    • nooo...

      that makes.... sense! how dare you utter such things!

      Dabashi is a roly-poly dude with a hot wife and a baby. And somehow not reminiscent of Hitler and Bin Laden. *eye roll*

    • rjt

      "Columbia Quiz" was cut from the movie. From the website:

      "We decided to drop the scene because it didn't fit closely enough with the central argument of the film. We were concerned that it would muddle our message."

      At least he realized the exact same thing you just did. I have no idea, however, why he is showing the clip anywhere.

  9. while

    columbia is private property, bollinger makes a number of claims about promoting free speech. this whole regulation of content is truly upsetting. bollinger should be ashamed of himself for such actions.

    granted the movie is rather stupid, but if this was a student project, what would be the response?

  10. was

    the david project done by students? i thought the point that it was outside agitators.

    are students allowed to film on campus? better check your policies again.

  11. no,

    i believe it was filmed by the David Project too. it just interviewed students.


    BWOG, is not working! the server is down!!! can you investigate this? is this temporary or permanent... because if it is permanent, we are all royally screwed... BWOG, i depend on you for answers to these important questiosn!!!

    AHHH!!! oaiehwpgoiehgpoaihf#@@%R(7098

  13. bollinger

    blows the free speech horn all the time. sure, i agree left-wing students don't enjoy unlimited free speech either. i'm not making a partisan argument. rather, columbia, and in particular bollinger says he is all about free speech, while silencing it on both the right and the left.

  14. haha  

    excellent work, #25!

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