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Lecture Hop: Mike Gravel at Friendly Fire

Bwog correspondent Christopher Morris-Lent  attends a Friendly Fire-Columbia Political Union-sponsored event and encounters a man who savors the taste of defeat . On Friday afternoon, a ragtag group of people streamed into the hallowed space at the top of Earl Hall to see Mike Gravel, once a senator from Alaska and now running a quixotic […]

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QuickSpec: Surprises Are Fun Because They’re Unexpected Edition

Vampire Weekend not worth the $10 you didn’t pay for their CD on iTunes Breaking: Super Bowl more popular, lucrative than environmentalism   No asterisk for the vowel?   It’s a walk-off! CC’s got Obama, GS has about what you’d expect The cookbook that Americans…er, New Yorkers…er, diet-conscious East Harlemites can’t get enough of!   […]

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Of kooks and cabdrivers

Just thought we’d bring to your attention two of the latest places Columbia has made the news:  A new film waxing indignant about censorship and anti-semitism, conveniently collapsing all of Columbia into the MEALAC department… And former Sen. Mike Gravel’s excellent adventure, via cab, to his former stomping grounts. Thank you, Google alerts.

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