New York Underwater!

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Passengers are still stranded, sweaty, and discontented along nearly every subway line, as the city recovers from this morning’s as-of-yet unconfirmed tornado. People are still waiting in droves for buses and taxis or walking across the city’s bridges and Mayor Bloomberg has canceled his entire morning to no doubt assess damage to homes and trees in Brooklyn.

Send Bwog the story of your wacky commute! We want to hear it!

UPDATE 12:59 EST – Wacky commute stories after the jump.

UPDATE 10:58 PM EST – Act of God correspondent Zach van Schouwen has photographic evidence of the Brooklyn Tornado here.

Samit Sarkar, E’08, reports he never made it to his 9 to 5 summer job at SIPA, even after taking hellish, wet detours through the backwoods of Queens.

“My dad figured he’d take Union Tpke to Queens Boulevard and drop me off at the Queens Plaza subway. Unfortunately, we soon found out that there was no E train service and no 1, 2, or 3 train service (at the time). Union Tpke was slow going; by 9:45 AM, we hadn’t even gone a hundred blocks, so I just called in to work and said that at the rate we were going, it’d probably be 1 PM or something by the time I got there (and the traffic was getting to my dad). They understood, so we stopped for breakfast at a Dunkin Donuts on 169th and Union Tpke (near St. John’s University) and then headed home.”

One Bwogger said she arrived at Times Square from Columbia an hour late and $41 dollars poorer.

A former Columbia student-wingtip perversely finds the day’s silver lining…

“I got stuck on an overloaded PATH between hoboken and pavonia newport for bout [sic] 30 minutes (apparently two tunnels simultaneously got blocked). I used the time to chat up a nice goldman girl who had her chest rather inconveniently squished against me and get her phone number.”

…while one Bwogger finds more of New York’s opportunists…

“I was on either the 2/3 going downtown and we were stuck in a tunnel for a good 20 minutes. The car is mostly silent and all of a sudden, a girl near me shrieks really loudly, “Can you stop touching my ass?” The whole car goes nuts, overheard responses include: “I ain’t feeling up on that girl,” “We’re all squished together,” “Bitch,” and my personal favorite from the gay man in the tunic, “She’s really flattering herself if she really thinks someone wants to touch… that.”

I wonder how many other perverts copped a free feel during this whole subway debacle.”

And continuing the theme of commutes and pervs, Josh Hirschland, C’ 08, finds himself in Pittsburgh.

“Yesterday I got off my last day of work at about 10:30, packed until three in the morning, and at four left for LaGuardia. Got there in plenty of time for the flight which was then delayed for 90 minutes due to the storm–just long enough to make me miss my connecting flight. As I write this, I’m sitting in an airport a half hour’s bus ride outside of Pittsburgh in hour 8 of my layover. There is an upside, though; I got to get out of the airport and into the city. (When I got breakfast, I was promptly warned that I had better not

take it to go because the city is filled with pedophiles…. Seems perfectly nice to me.)”

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  1. houses

    in queens are being flooded, the subways is just really fucking jam packed.

  2. houses

    in queens are being flooded, the subways are just really fucking jam packed.

  3. That picture

    You should find that picture of the waterfall in the subway. They always have one somewhere, and it's an awesome picture.

  4. ZvS

    Every line broke in *some* way except Central Park West and Flushing.

    Check it out:

  5. Elna

    Commute in from NJ via 42nd Port Authority was fine. Walk from 8th Ave to 42nd and Lex, not so much, as the people who normally arrive at around 9 flooded street. Rain slows all down, especially tourists. It doesn't help that it is Wednesday blue-haired lady day at the Broadway matinees, and charter buses clog streets.

  6. looks like

    I left this city just in time. See y'all in September, suckaz!!

  7. the upside

    of a 3hour commute? 3 more hours of sleep. except for motherfucking conductors screaming...

  8. peace out

    nyc. i'm outta here.

  9. hey

    how did i not notice this? i was in the city until noon today, and i was awake by 9. when was this storm??

    • Samit

      Yeah, I got out of bed at 7:30 (I live in western Nassau County) and it had stopped raining by then. I went to sleep around 2:30, and it hadn’t started raining yet, so I presume it all happened in that five-hour interim.

  10. Samit

    By the way, Bwog, the Brooklyn destruction has now been confirmed as being caused by a tornado:

  11. there was

    a downpour of 3" in 1 hour. One would think that after 100 years of operation, SOMEone at the MTA would figure out what to do when it fucking rains.

  12. lou dobbs

    aging infrastructure! aging infrastructure! aging infrastructure! aging infrastructure! aging infrastructure!

  13. lou dobbs

    china! economic patriotism! the middle class! giant sucking sound! NAFTA! CAFTA! WTO!

  14. diana

    ugh it was terrible. i was trying to get to the beastie boys gig from queens. by the time i got there, i was drenched in sweat.

  15. Where, o where

    are SEAS' civil engineers in a time like this?!

  16. Sprinkles

    Woo, something interesting finally happened in my neighborhood! (Old Sunset Park, represent)

    Also, #23's comment is funny because it's true.

  17. sfist

    glad i live in the sf bay

  18. howdi

    u fags should lick balls and stay out of NY. Brooklyn hates you u cock cum licking homos. I hope u all get skull fucked and raped

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