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Today’s Sunday Times is chock-full of Columbia nuts. First, the lead story in the Magazine, by Mark Lilla, is regurgitated CC, and any good humanities student worth his or her weight in Enlightenment and secular/liberal theory should be able to follow his argument and add a dash of insight to boot. Then, the Lives essay is by a J-school prof who meets up with a former story subject and has a ball. Over in Arts, there’s a long article about “mumblecore,” a micro-genre of indie film in which Barnard grad Greta Gerwig (and the WBAR station) are key elements. And, finally, there’s a pretty long piece about the guys behind Indoctrinate U, which we know you all love.

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  1. Anonymous

    The last link is broken.

  2. Sprinkles

    Bwog, why have you not mentioned Meade Anderson (CC '07) passing away?

  3. oye

    bwog, you have some beeeeg cojones!

  4. rjt

    You know what my new pet peeve is? When people claim that their coining of genres is "ironic" or "accidental" in order to pretend they don't want to be associated with a movement. "Mumblecore" is solidly in that category along with "new rave" and "slowcore." All of these were supposedly originally said "as a joke," and they're also all completely people trying to own their 15 minutes as hard as they can.

  5. well

    Mark Lilla's essay makes me really excited for CC.

  6. too bad

    some grad student who just serves up a shallow interpretation he picked up at that weeks course lecture is all you'll get.

    no, i'm not jaded at all.

  7. not my experience

    due to a weird twist of fate i had a different history prof every semester of cc and lit hum. they were all awesome. definitely the most important course you can take - i wish i could retake the course now because i feel like i would get so much more out of it.

  8. crack

    i hate these bwog faggots. seriously, nobody reads this shit except white liberal faggots who are aching for the new york experience. god damn.

  9. does

    anyone on here care that Michael Vick pleaded guilty today? J/w.

  10. Mark Lilla

    how to write an article for the new york times magazine: an academic's guide.

    1st paragraph: scintillating discussion of current events

    2nd-55th paragraphs: CC paper

    56th paragraph: desperate attempt to summarize previous 53 paragraphs and reconnect with purported theme introduced in the first (and billed as the point of the article on the cover).

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