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Bwog was a little disturbed, upon walking up the 5th floor ramp to the Student Government Office (only to discover that NSOP has been granted the exclusive use of the space, forcing The Blue and White‘s layout operation to move downramp) to be confronted with several blown up portraits of student leaders from the class of 2007. Below are (from left) former ESC Senior Class President Jarod Were, former CCSC Senior Class President David Chait (both recipients of the Leadership Legend Indelible Mark award), former ABC president Keith Hernandez (a Leadership Legend Bridge Builder winner) and former ESC President Dan Okin (another Indelible Marker).

Stop by if you have a chance, it’s quite a show.





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  1. i was

    at the awards ceremony. they don't announce the "indelible mark" award winners, but instead someone who knows them talks a bit about them before announcing who the winner is.

    I went through the program and picked out every single winner ahead of time with ease. so predictable.

    nevertheless, good job by all of the folks in student government. they did make things better.

  2. low library

    this is just a prelude to the statue we're preparing to build of david chait. it'll replace that pointless jefferson one.

  3. It's not just  

    It's not just the class of 2007. Current CC/SEAS leaders Elizabeth Strauss and Natalie Segovia are also shown beaming for the cameras.

    Wow. Just wow.

  4. adorable  

    best engagement photos i've ever seen.

  5. haha...

    I concede the utter lameness of this attempt to inflate already large egos to the point of causing a head to explode... but i sense from the tone of this someone at BWOG feels a little jealous... not even a smidge?

  6. bwog

    bwog speaks truth to power, it doth not envy it.

  7. anyone wanna...  

    buy a house in green lake, wisconsin?

    your local REMAX agents are here to help!

  8. graduate

    Its the toolbox. Where all the tools are.

  9. matt schoenfeld

    this is all great, but...

    what about MATT SCHOENFELD?

  10. The only

    The only indelible mark this lot made was on their mattresses

  11. hahaha  

    bwog made a funny!

  12. so.

    and here's the part where last spring's graduating class moves on...?

  13. HEY  

    You guys this is really important

    What about Felipe Tarud?

  14. Will Smith

    I'd just like to point out that the name of the scientist in Independence Day who gets killed by the aliens is Doctor Okin.

    Not to give Dan any ideas...

  15. the mayor

    keith hernandez? the baseball player?

    as this this?

  16. ^absolutely  

    the famous met, also famous for his commercials with clyde "wilt" chamberlain for Just for Men gel. My favorite slogan is, "no play for Mr. Gray."

  17. the insider

    if only bwog knew how the people above went out of their way to help support your publication (from your own follies)...but wow, that must have been lame.

  18. don't forget  

    dan okin is too much man

  19. btw

    This has been up for the entire summer. Congratulations on having a life... And since you're bloggers, having a life would be a negative.

  20. ahh

    dear bwog, please don't feed the egos.

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