That’s a lot of metrocards

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kjFree Culture at Columbia
–the group that showed you how to hide from CUIT–is now handing out another 250 of its high-price-defying flash drives loaded with public domain versions of all the Lit Hum and CC texts. 

You’re not going to miss this this one, 2011–thousands of dollars saved and a movement joined (although it’s up to you whether or not to risk your teacher’s ire for getting different translations). Get them Tuesday at 2:30 PM in Butler 203.

Meanwhile, anyone been studying up for Lit Hum final?


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  1. more!

    If Bwog were really nice, Bwog would reveal the secret on how to get unlimited printing quota. Reading thousands of pages on a computer is not easy or fun.

  2. of course  

    before that you have to decide whether or not "your" willing to take advice from someone who can't even use the right words.

  3. ICE COLD  


  4. ctrl+alt+backspace

    not ctrl+alt+delete
    Don't overdo it or CUIT will clamp down on it

  5. Daammmn  

    Lucky first-years. Having one of those discs would have saved me nearly $200.

    • Obviously

      this person is not at all "with it" - the "discs" were actually usb drives and were given out also last spring in the wallach lounge. so stick with it, or you'll get left behind.

  6. considering

    how much of the readings freshmen ACTUALLY do, I think their print quota will be more than enough.

  7. BUT!!!

    isnt part of the point to save paper? AND who has the time to print oh lets see 5000 pages? id rather have daddy pay the 200 and save the ink.

  8. grifted  

    My Flash drive was empty...luckily I downloaded the texts from free culture's website.

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