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fdIt seems that the Department of Student Affairs in conjunction with NSOP is holding UNDER1Roof sessions throughout the week. The purpose of these sessions is to:

“[Start] the important process of translating [The Community Principles Initiative] into action.”


“This session will provide the framework on how intergroup understanding and community building are achieved through continual engagement and education about the different social identities we all bring to campus.”

Community building? Is that like, satellite-campus-building?

“One session is REQUIRED of all students.”

Et tu, NSOP?

(Thanks to Zack Hoopes for the tip.)

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  1. shocc

    a more informed deconstructor of these statements might conclude they refer to a veiled form of anti oppression training.....

  2. def

    didnt go to that bullshit. honestly what is the point?

    i think these sessions would be as effectually spent watching the 2006 best picture (ugh shouldda been brokeback!!!) crash. in other words, still a waste of time.

    you can't change anyone in one session. if theyre columbia students, theyre probably not racists, homophobes or sheltered mole people. and if they are, even just a little bit, i think a better remedy might just be a year at good old CU. people can change. but not in an hour.

    • wrong

      they are privileged insulated and unaware of how they're unwittingly reinforcing frameworks of oppression and power, like your post.

      your IP has been logged and reported to SHOCC. you will receive an email detailing your mandatory anti-oppression counseling session.

  3. Can't

    Can't Columbia use all the money it wastes on these stupid diversity orientation events to fund minority scholarship? Wouldn't that make more of dent and maybe not piss off the whites and alienate the browns?

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