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After the umpteenth hour of lawn manicuring and tent set-up, 2:30 today saw the culmination of parent-related move-in events, Convocation. There were flags, smiles, “Pomp and Circumstance”-lite music piped-in over the loudspeaker, and quasi-poignant speeches from admins all around.

Flubs: Colombo called assembled matriculants “students and daughters,” Quigley was interrupted by a crash from the third tent, Navratil sounded unrealistically eager when he mentioned Gateway, and PrezBo killed the mood when he mentioned the challenges of environmental destruction and cultural conflict.

But no matter! The banners are unfurled, the skies are blue, and OL sessions are beginning. Huzzah, huzzah

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  1. nsop

    day 1. convocation
    day 2. buy skinner jeans
    day 3. replace your ayn rand with baudrillard
    day 4. visit the village, lord it up over nyu students, then return and complain you have state school envy

    rinse (or choose not to...hey, it's college!) and repeat.

  2. wirc  

    the crash was the flags on the east side

  3. when

    were there ever tasty jello shots at the opening week frat parties?

  4. let me just say  

    dean quigley quoted john lennon in passing during his speech. and then the flags fell. nevertheless, what a badass

  5. question...

    Was there a student speaker this year like there was last year? I think Kwame did it or something last year...

  6. not really

    just the NSOP coordinator giving a well intentioned but horribly cliched and thesaurused contractionless over-enunciated "advice" to first years.

    blagh. at least Colombo actually "welcomed" the freshman class. I vaguely remember him failing to actually do so before wading into his annual overdetailed "pat nsop on the back and highlight the wonderful panel sessions you're going to have" speech 2 years ago.

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