Good Girls Gone Bad

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After Barnard’s Convocation, the OLs and RAs of BC led the 11s in a sing-a-long tribute to the musical stylings of Rihanna:

“When the sun shines we’ll shine together

We will love Barnard forever

Columbia will always be our friend

Our partnership will go on till the end

2011 is better than ever

All the classes will stand together

You can stand under our umbrella

You can stand under our umbrella”


…ella, ella, ella, eh, eh!

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  1. barn-yard-haters  

    Barnard SUCKS (according to my OL's)

  2. my gf

    still hums that tune whenever she's blowing me. so cute!

  3. ian c-b  

    this is the most revolting thing that i've ever seen posted on bwog.

  4. Female Object

    Score one for feminism.

  5. osplog's

    got the rest of the story, without the photoshop.

    hmmm, that could be a good subtitle for osplog.

  6. let's be honest

    Barnard continues to disappoint the world more and more every day. When is our affiliation up?

  7. Sprinkles

    Oh nooooooooooooooooo

  8. well  

    if i wasn't excited to come back to school before, i sure am after reading these comments.

  9. wow  

    Once again, I have reached a new point of being appalled by the offensive nature of comments made by Columbia students. Also, for the record, every year during College Night, the Barnard NSOP Committee, Crew Chiefs, OLs, and RAs put on a musical parody of life at school. The choice of "Umbrella" was to be cute and possibly even encourage unity, ie "you can stand under our umbrella." Also, it was in no way a sing-a-long. Nobody was trying to teach the words to the freshmen. But obviously Barnard can't even exist without Columbia students making stupid comments about it. I can't wait til I graduate.

    • don't

      get too down on us. comments 8, 15, 17, 18, 21 & 24 (i.e. all of the offensive trolling remarks) were made by the same person, you'll see if you click "track."

      it's the law of the internet: anonymity + an audience = huge asshole. that's true the world over, and Columbia is no exception.

    • duh!  

      barnard ONLY exists because cc needs someone to pick on to reinforce thier superiority complex. it's, like, part of the affiliation agreement, duh.

  10. LIES  

    ALL LIES. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. It was a version of Rent that the OLs sang, Bwog dimwits!

  11. at this point  

    there are a lot of extremely unfunny, offensive omments up here. bwog should consider taking a couple of the ones with 'nigga' and cunt' down

  12. Sigh  

    Almost all of the offensive comments over the past two weeks have been coming from the same person, likel the same one who used to brag about "ruining bwog like he ruined [email protected]"
    We're sorry we're not faster about cleaning up the comments, but, you know, we have lives and things.

    • Just a thought  

      I tend to agree with #23. Assuming the posts are coming someone's room and not a public terminal, why not block the IP address? That wouldn't necessarily stop it altogether, but it might make it more of a pain for our friend to post. If our friend really has a problem with it, he/she can come forward in person to Bwog, no?

  13. It is

    It is somewhat ironic that Barnard would pick the dumbest (have you seen her interviews?) popstar out there

  14. yes

    please continue cleaning these comment boards diligently and thoroughly so as i mightn't have to avert my virgin eyes from such lewd foulitudes! For it is well known that this fine institution is attended not by adults for whom such verbal concoctions are as common as the drink my father many a time hath forsook, but by children of the purest virgin orifices (both oral and aural) -- for whom such vulgar oaths are as acid upon their skin!

  15. Bono  

    Seriously though, why sing the lyric about standing under the umbrella without singing about rain first?

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