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NSOP did away with the cannabis reference as they resurrected the BlaZelast year’s experimental cross-campus relay event —  for the 2011 set. Bwoggers Sara Vogel and Ellen Kessel were embedded with the troops on the new, PC-polished “Take One: Ultimate Team Challenge” and filed this report:


Surrounded by Orientation Leaders baiting their charges with a rainbow of free t-shirts, we couldn’t  help think back to sleep-away camp, and the rite of passage that was Color War. Bunks were severed , meals were silent, friendships were tearfully won and lost to the tune of team fight songs.

notblaze17We expected less drama and commitment from this jaded group for the evening’s “diversity event.” UTC reeked of good, clean, fun – the BlaZe’s soda-pong, whipped cream, and powdered donuts were nixed in favor of a bean-bag toss, a three-legged race, and CU trivia. “There were too many innuendos last year,” one NSOP committee member told us. “We wanted to keep it clean this year.” But despite it being a thinly-veiled ice-breaker, from where we stood the first-years seemed genuinely into it.


notblaze13“This is SO INTENSE” one said. “It is exhilarating,” panted another on his way to the “find someone who…” activity.

“There’s no running allowed,” the NSOP committee member told us. “But look, they clearly almost want to run.”

Shocked by how few of the first-years were playing the game with detached irony — or drunk — we watched them learn each other’s names during the bean-bag toss, hold hands to float a hula-hoop around a circle, and collaboratively complete a game of Sudoku. Cries of Yellow 2! Green 18! echoed in the humid air.

notblaze11One orientation leader said 2011ers took the game so seriously, some pushed each other out of the way as they vaulted across Broadway for activities at Barnard. “They are viciously competitive,” he added, comparing them to the more “laid back” class of 2010.

Sadness swept over the groups that arrived back at Low Plaza in time to watch this team take all the glory — and the Starbucks gift cards:


This guy must have enjoyed himself. We spotted him again about an hour later resting his arms on the very same two ladies — they only looked slightly miffed.


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  1. above is wrong
    shoddy reporting from the field
    the winners of CU-Take One were Orange 14 and Orange 6, and they both have the Starbucks cards to prove it.

  2. Anonymous  

    FINALLY ankit, or "Taj", as he is known to Carman 7 is getting the fame and aclaim he deserves. If you're interested in seeing him in true action, stroll down 114th anytime after midnight to see him in his glorious beer-ponged stuper. Then head up to the 7th floor to hear his tails about 7/11-- the store, that is.

    • grammar police

      reconsider use of "tails" and spelling of "stupor." also, "beer pong," even used as a verb, ought not be a hyphenate. things are not looking up for the class of "oh eleven." perhaps "oh ten" really was the peak of acceptance years.

      and to next year's NSOP planners: bring back the BlaZe in all its glory! I kicked ass at soda pong. might as well get the kids warmed up for future risky behavior rather than make them engage in still more mindless ice breakers.

  3. Sara  

    Sorry 'bout announcing the wrong winners -- this team told us they had tied with another one and would probably wind up winning.

  4. Dear Bwog,

    Could you perchance publish something relevant to the other 75% of us who really don't give a crap about Froshies getting oriented?

  5. Senior Opinion  

    I thought 2011 would be a bunch of tools from their pre-orientation attitudes, but almost all that I've met have been really nice kids.

    This differs from 2010 where the majority that I've met are "2 kewl 4 skool" and need to get over themselves.

    Also, I'll be the first to admit 2011 is a hell of a lot smarter than '08.

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