The grounds will be looking a little spiffier upon your return, as an anonymous photobwogger documents below. 

College Walk, swathed in black plastic for most of the summer, updates its look with new asphalt paving, new granite curbs, a storm drainage system and new lighting.



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Lerner decides to hide behind trees…


 …while the Journalism School undergoes facial reconstruction surgery


Wien courtyard went for the eclectic look, pairing brick for the entryway with impressed asphalt to simulate quaint cobblestones.


Earlier in the summer, Pike, PsiU, and the IRC were all wrapped in chemical peel wraps. Butler opted for deep cleaning.


Construction on the NW Science buildings currently resembles a massive blackhead on the corner of 120th and Broadway. 


Proper skincare wasn’t enough for McIntosh, which has committed to full-body tightening and toning.


And in a completely non-hygiene-related analogy, they’re adding a ninth level to the Law School (not pictured). As if law school wasn’t hellish enough.