1. sachs2sacks

    how many homonymous profs can columbia have?

    anyway, I prefer the pic on his wikipedia page:

  2. so f*ing cool

    i can't believe that sacks is going to be at columbia. he might just be my favorite person in academia.

    now we need to grab steven pinker, my second favorite.


  3. Hahahahaha.

    "Welcome Squid Overlords"???

    Okay he's officially the awesomest person ever.

  4. welcome!  

    I'd love to get to some of his lectures. Good stuff.

  5. Alum

    It's a bad sign when the neurology department has more Sacks than the football team.

  6. Christopher Kelley

    Does anyone know exactly when and where the Oliver Sacks talk is going to be?

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