1. fddsdsg  

    Please end the blog right now. This is retarded. Nobody cares.

  2. wtf  

    Nobody cares?! That's pretty fucking unbelievable that they would do that. ARGH.

  3. fddsdsg...  

    Who the hell are you? No one cares about YOUR opinion.

  4. Riven  

    being legal makes me not care about this at all

    • word!

      I'm a senior, and legal, and thus am looking forward to enjoying some nights out in my last year without annoying, trashed first year girls puking on my shoes like they do every year until around December when they learn to hold their liquor. Let the children stick to drinking in their dorms and at private parties.

      • huh?

        people going out to bars from day one is a proud columbia tradition. if you can't drink out, what's the motivation to come to new york vs. a school with more space for dorm-confined parties?

        • the senior

          The point is that you can enjoy the barscene once you're old enough to do so legally, or smart enough to get an awesome fake. And thus old enough and smart enough to NOT PUKE ON MY FUCKING SHOES. (Sorry, it's a point of bitterness, since it happened to me once in sophmore year at the West End and twice last year at The Heights. I've had to give up wearing open-toed shoes to bars when froshies are afoot, pun intended.)

          Really, this is no great tragedy - no bars in midtown bother to card, and few downtown bother with a scanner. So first years can go downtown to get their drink on and explore the city a bit before they become Hermits In The Heights for the next three years, and me and my friends can enjoy study breaks from our looming thesis deadlines in campus bars without dealing with drunken prostitots.

  5. discoe  

    man, fuck me for not letting random high people on the grass look at my meeting material

  6. wow

    you are so fucked.

    maybe this is the point in time when you try to get the drinking age to be lowered to 18. come on civic-mindedness.

  7. follow-up  

    It would be nice if Bwog could contact the administration and find out if this is true or not. I'd be surprised if it were actually happening.

    • yeah  

      down in dc, bouncers are claiming there's a sort of bonus for confiscating ids, then saying "but if you pay me $____, then i won't take it." the fee allows them to push up that price. not the same obviously, but the bars could just be trying to get underaged kids.

      besides, they all charge too much anyways.

  8. if you

    drink enough to get shitfaced, you deserve every hardship you encounter.

  9. that bouncer  

    so yeah, this is THE SOURCE, and basically 1020 is getting a scanner in the next week or so and the cops are going to be raiding it in the next 3-4 weeks. so if you're underage, steer clear. the city changed the law over the summer and the heights and 1020 were on the shit list. and as far as i've heard, columbia has nothing to do with it. at least, that's what the owners of 1020 told me. i'll be there saturday night, come say hi. end of story, move along, nothing more to see here.

  10. blah  

    Downtown bars DO card and scan, and they tend to be particularly douchey about it. Time to embrace dorm drinking...

  11. where can i  

    get an id that scans without going to, say, ali hussein in cairo, egypt via western union?

  12. BFD  

    I had an ID that scanned. Getting into bars is a rite of passage that we've all had to deal with. If you can't get in, tough titties for you.

  13. recent grad

    welcome to the class of 2011, this is the first of many times where you will ask "why does columbia hate me and not want me to have any fun?"

  14. scanner?  

    i just met her.

  15. i  


    i'm a senior as well, and have been legal since my first day of junior year (born august 85), and i think this is sad.

    if you enjoyed going to bars as a freshman, then you shouldn't be happy about this development, no matter how old you are. it IS an integral part of the culture here. morningside barhopping is our "kegger" culture, and now it can safely be said that columbia undergrads will have more trouble finding ways to drink with their friends than basically any other college in the US, except brigham young and oral roberts.

    this doesn't just affect freshmen-- it sucks for the entire sophomore class, the majority of the junior class, and a sizable minority of the senior class.

    sorry guys :(

  16. Seniors,  

    just fuck off. You enjoyed the bar scene here when you were underage. Over the span of a day, ever since you turned 21, you became totally different people and think you have some God-given right to drink exclusively in the company of over-21s? Balls to you. Fuck off. If anything, it should be you guys taking advantage of being able to party in fancier places downtown, and leave Morningside to us.

    College without a drinking scene sounds like shit to me.

    • whoa now  

      balls to you, sir. if i choose to bitch and moan, it's because i didn't "enjoy" the columbia bar scene underaged. it may have had a lot to do with the fact that i was too cheap/lame to bother with a fake id, but you're one reasons it didn't bother me that much anyway just to drink with my friends in dorms, and also why i might feel like complaining about underage kids in bars.

    • yea

      you are absolutely right. anyone over 21 who revels in the plight of those under 21 is a douchebag, and can't be trust. they are the kinda of people who would steal your wallet if you had a heart attack or seizure.

      i feel your plight kids. keep on fighting the good fight.

  17. i love

    the title of this post. made me chuckle.

  18. scanning?  


    I have someone's real ID, which they didn't need after they got a new one. When it scans, will it come up that the ID I have is no longer valid? The expiration date on it is in 2008, but is it invalid once it gets replaced?

    Basically, is this gonna be a problem for me?

  19. that bouncer again  

    i'm not sure, we haven't gotten the scanner yet or directions on how to use it. as far as i can tell, expired IDs are still valid for bars because they're still legitimate age verification. so it probably won't be a problem. then again, expired IDs are also used for fakes, so... we'll see.

    • Steve

      sage advice from the bouncer. Know people from your hometown who are turning 21? Pay them to go to the DMV and say "I lost my ID, please make me another one", and foot the bill for their fee. Bam, problem solved. It helps if they're the same hair/skin color, but even that can be finessed if you're ballsy enough.

      "Real" fake IDs are a last hope. Your first hope should be McDougal street in the village. Every tattoo parlor on MacDougal and Bleecker will make you a fake ID, you just have to say you "met someone on the street" who said you could get something here, and be real discreet about it.

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