Ferrets, Weasels running wild in Pupin 301

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Or so we can assume from this ominous and somewhat vague
 sign. More mysterious than which plague-carriers the “other vermin” part of this sign could refer to is who the hell (other than Bwog) still uses the word “vermin.” “Varmints” is the preferred nomenclature these days.



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  1. GAH

    I just walked out of this classroom. Whoever took this picture was in my class.

    Not that that's even remotely interesting, relevant...or true.

  2. hey bwog  

    Your [more] link under About Us in the upper-left is broken.

  3. CML  

    The word "vermin" was totally used in Brian Jacques' modern masterpiece/roman-fleuve/tour-de-force, "Redwall."

  4. and they  

    still let in bruce robbins?

  5. Rudy Giuliani  

    Goddam you all! I warned you of the dangers of ferrets. That's why I instituted that ban that you just violated!

  6. except  

    the only ominous thing about that sign is that it's been there for at least a year. facilities management obviously got right on that.

  7. What  

    is Dan Okin in the building?

  8. um...  

    That sign has been there since January or February. Way to be on top of things Bwog...

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