Like Christmas, but with e-mail lists

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On the semester’s first Friday the activities fair bestowed unto Bwog the following:

  • ngOne plastic Japanese fan (which was very useful in the foul heat)
  • One pocketful of melted chocolate
  • At least four varieties of baked goods
  • Condoms-a-plenty
  • the Holy Bible
  •  One bright yellow gym sack brandished with advertising from Columbia Community Outreach
  • A nice little dry erase board embellished, in blue, with our beloved mascot
  • An upcoming surplus of organizational spam

Also, were you aware that there is such thing as a Figure Skating Club at Columbia? Or that there’s an organization devoted to aeronautics? Neither were we — but we were tempted to make a run with the Society of Automotive Engineers’ race car parked in the middle of college walk.

We know it’s hot, but you have about 45 minutes to decide which of those esoteric organizations are going to take over your life for the rest of your college career. Get to it, kids!  

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  1. Did anyone  

    see that girl walking around with a green paper dress? What was she doing?

  2. yay g(tb)^2  

    CUMB one, CUMB all!

    p.s. I think she was from the jester.

  3. sunfan  

    Calvin Sun was also walking around in revealing clothing striking poses throughout the afternoon.

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