Saturday Room Hopping – A Tree Grows in Claremont

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Bwog announces the return of Thursday Room Hopping — now on a new day!


Jessica’s room in Claremont is probably the best place on campus to sit pretzel-style on the ground with some milk and cookies for a read-aloud.

The artistic senior spent the week of down-time before school began bringing the outdoors inside of her spacious single.

birdClouds float and birds soar on her light green walls.


A tree, lovingly cut out of cardboard, sheds some of its leaves as if a squirrel had just disrupted some branches.

“New York can feel like a harsh, overcivilized place,” she said. “I wanted to make it feel like I could have a picnic in my room.”


The room has a beach-house feel to it — Claremont’s signature wood floors, the art on the walls, the beige throw-rug, the white canopy over her soft white bed. Books sit not on a shelf, but in a wicker basket on the
light switchfloor, and a mug hangs delicately by its handle from a hook on the wall.

She has adorned her walls with art — even the light switch has something to say.


Have a tricked-out dorm, or wish to volunteer a friend/foe’s room? E-mail [email protected], and we’ll send a correspondent to scrutinize your living space for next week’s edition of room hopping!

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  1. This is

    adorable and of the first rooms in this series that I actually WANTED to live in.

    Jessica, I plan to take inspiration from you next year when I've graduated, and need to turn a closet sized-space in Staten Island or Jersey (or wherever I can afford) that actually makes me happy...

  2. that's  

    awesome! was everything cut out of cardboard?

  3. lovar  

    yeah, are the leaves, birds, clouds, etc. painted? did she do the light switch cover by herself too? adorable!

  4. uhh

    new york is harsh and overcivilized? at the same time?

  5. fft  

    we need more pictures, and bigger pictures of these cool rooms.

  6. Looks nice,  

    ...but I’m too lazy for that stuff. I haven’t even gotten around to lowering my bed, removing the obnoxious grate on my window, or putting up any of my posters. This person’s work is certainly admirable, though...

  7. Dave  

    My room from last year is FAMOUS! Thank you Jess!

  8. Priyanka

    aaaand my room from the year before last! Jess it looks amazing!

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