Bwog announces the return of Thursday Room Hopping — now on a new day!


Jessica’s room in Claremont is probably the best place on campus to sit pretzel-style on the ground with some milk and cookies for a read-aloud.

The artistic senior spent the week of down-time before school began bringing the outdoors inside of her spacious single.

birdClouds float and birds soar on her light green walls.


A tree, lovingly cut out of cardboard, sheds some of its leaves as if a squirrel had just disrupted some branches.

“New York can feel like a harsh, overcivilized place,” she said. “I wanted to make it feel like I could have a picnic in my room.”


The room has a beach-house feel to it — Claremont’s signature wood floors, the art on the walls, the beige throw-rug, the white canopy over her soft white bed. Books sit not on a shelf, but in a wicker basket on the
light switchfloor, and a mug hangs delicately by its handle from a hook on the wall.

She has adorned her walls with art — even the light switch has something to say.


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