Hats Off to 212

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  1. I think

    that if the chef's hats were removed, they ought to at least be replaced by some other form of headgear of equally imposing stature, like wizards' hats or British court full-bottomed wigs.

  2. hair in food?  

    hats are meant to prevent the unholy union of hair and food...

    • well  

      they seem to have no effect at present anyway, may at least let them take off the hat, continue to have hair in my salad and maybe if their disposition improves they'll be friendlier

      • you know  

        i just posted that and then went to get a 212 sandwich. the line was crazy insanely long. the cause? one short douchebag guy with a hat. he was the only one wearing the hat and he was the one holding up the line by working at a leisurely pace and making shitty sandwiches so everyone ended up arguing with him to get what they wanted. the other lady was considerably faster and more pleasant. can you beat that? empirical evidence that the hats will cause 212's downfall (to fall...even farther down)

  3. Alfredo!  

    Bring back Alfredo! Down with change.

  4. Great Idea Bwog!  

    They also asked me to tell their bosses to quit hassling them about the stupid policy about washing hands. Can we help them out here?

  5. Hairnets

    and baseball caps are significantly more useful and better at evading hairloss. Anyway, we should just have them all shaved bald since hair is really scary.

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