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Leonard and Louise Riggo has given $5 million to the Department of Art History and Archaeology. $3 million will establish two professors in the department, one in African Art, and the other of the department’s choice. The rest is divided evenly between undergrads and grads for internships, thesis research, traveling expenses, and etc.

Leonard is no John Kluge–and $5 million is no $400–but at least he likes books

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  1. EAL  

    African art, you say? Well I hope this satisfies the demands of those people calling for an ethnic studies department once and for all.

    And yeah, more money for Columbia is always good!

  2. And how much

    money has the Department of Victimology, Whining, and Anti-Oppressment training raise?

  3. Alum

    Fwiw, the $3M Riggios (note the correct spelling, Bwog) gave for the professorships was matched by another $3M from Gerry Lenfest's challenge gift. That effectively turns the $5M into $8M for the art history department.

  4. I think

    Whoever made comment #3 isn't really a First Year, which, commenters #4 and #5, would make you both extremely dense.

  5. I'm glad  

    I'm an art history major.. yay

  6. Question Man

    I'd like to ask: why does it cost so much to establish a professor? Why millions of dollars? Please explain, thanks!

    Oh and Riggio donated $10 to my highschool, which he graduated from. So I guess he gives some money, here and there. He's on our wall of fame, haha.

    • Alum

      Theoretically, the income from the endowment pays the professor's salary and benefits, and covers some research and travel costs. $3 million will generate about $135,000 in the first year and will increase over time while hopefully staying ahead of inflation. $135K isn't enough to cover all the expenditures I listed, so if anything the amount Columbia seeks is too low.

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