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  1. Clubbist  

    Dear Bwog,

    Now that you have well over 100 people with posting access, you may have noticed that all clubs that email you asking you to announce their recruiting events get their event posted on the right side of the page. However, if someone on Bwog happens to work in one of the other clubs, they feel free to publicize their own events as much as they like on the front page. And they don't sign their names.

    Unless you actually believe Jester and Eco-Reps application deadlines/information sessions are more important than the ones on the right side, stop playing favorites.

    In other words, Lydia, someone needs a firm talking to.

    • who who who?  

      Who on the Bwog staff is also an eco-rep? I don't know of any.

    • Lydia  

      Dear Clubbist,

      No one on Bwog staff is an Eco-Rep. I posted both notices, the second simply to correct the first, at the request of the Eco-Rep organizers. Bwog doesn't claim to be perfectly objective, and we sometimes feature one group over another. It should be pointed out, however, that the Eco-Reps are not a club, but a group of students trying create a cleaner campus. That, I believe, is a post-worthy effort.

      Also, only about 15 people have posting privileges. I'm not sure where the 100 number came from.

      • Poster #1  

        Ouch, seems I got my facts wrong. Sorry bout that. Although it does feel slightly off the way some events get lots of play and others don't, and I just assumed that Jester, having hijacked Bwog most of last year, was doing the self-promoting.

        And as for IP addresses, they're not traceable to individual computers, unfortunately. And often using a wireless connection means you don't get the same IP anyway. If you can get ZvS to figure out how to log MAC addresses, however, that would be both really cool and scary.

  2. aiee!

    Lydia's a heartthrob! And I know she took down the IP Address of #1 to make sure he/she is thoroughly destroyed once Lydia takes over all major forms of communication on the continental United States.

  3. Grateful  

    Thanks to those who applied. And thank you Lydia. Eco-Reps will get things done this year. Definitive

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