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Columbia University’s Native American Council will be celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day today, in lieu of Columbus Day, and with good reason—so take this opportunity to cast off second-grade history (replete with offensive pageants and revisionist history) and stop moaning about having class today. They will be on College Walk all day to promote several activities: there […]

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Feeling especially environmentally unfriendly this morning? Head over to the Ruggles shaft right now for the Composting Open House! A more eloquent description below: Are you curious about composting at Columbia? Come join us in the Ruggles shaft (accessible through the basement) for a tour of EcoReps’ new composting machine! The Composting Open House will […]

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Recycling at Columbia is complicated. Each campus has different rules that often differ from municipal laws or our hometown laws. Bwog spoke with Cathy Resler from the office of Environmental Stewardship to find out more. Simply put, Barnard College recycles everything. Columbia’s Morningside campus, however, follows city laws. The flowcharts often posted near recycling centers […]

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Eco-friendly Bwogger Mark Hay explains why he has a massive crush on Bharrat Jagdeo- and why you should too! Guyanese President Bharrat Jagdeo had just finished his speech, “What’s Greener than a Rainforest: Economic Transformation and Forest Conservation in Guyana,” this past Friday when a member of the audience eagerly sprang towards the microphone to […]

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Match the quote to the speaker.  To give you a break from problem sets, it should be pretty easy, but answers after the jump anyway.  Good luck! Quotes Speakers “[I]t was like a national day of protest.  There was a counterculture dimension to it.” Roberta Balstad, Center for Research on Environmental Decisions “…hardly principles on […]

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EcoReps PSA

Since we posted about this earlier: if you want to be an EcoRep, but you didn’t have time to fill out the application by the previous deadline (Saturday), it’s not too late! The deadline has been extended to Thursday, and the application shortened. Now just answer any two questions and the last (three total) and […]

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On September 11 of this year, former Clinton administration official Nilda Mesa assumed a sizeable responsibility: the post of Environmental Stewardship Director, charged with making Columbia’s footprint a little bit smaller. Bwog caught up with Nilda in her airy fourth floor office, across a bowl of organic fruit. Bwog: You’ve been here two months. How’s […]

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Columbia’s a mess of bureaucracy. We all know that. You even have to deal with bureaucracy online – think class registration. Open SSOL. Open the Directory of Classes. Open the Bulletin. Open CULPA. Flip back and forth like mad as you try to correlate classes between the directory and SSOL and the Bulletin, check up […]

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