So remember that stage-rushing thing from last year?

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Minutemen, minutemen. What heady times those were. Stages were rushed, lives changed,  definitions for “Kulawiking” determined. Indeed, it was only after many long and trying months of op-eds, town hall meetings and general soul-searching that we were finally able to go about the difficult business of trying to move on with our lives.

Or did we? Via Spec, at least one person is nostalgic for Minuteman-mania, and who can blame him? I think we’d all agree that Minuteman didn’t receive get enough attention around here. It’s not like it wasn’t discussed ad nauseum for months on end, or covered top-to-bottom in the campus and national media. Hell, it’s about time we were reminded of the mayhem that went down last year. Maybe Bill O’Reilly could do a one-year anniversary special this October 4th? Pretty please?

As for the invitee: he’s kept himself busy the last six months trashing our dear president, appearing on Lou Dobbs, and taking on everything from Mexican trucking to his fellow Minutemen. Gilchrist might have been cast out of the Minutemen in disgrace, but Bwog suspects he’s still got plenty of fans here at Columbia…


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  1. knowing

    dave eisenbach, this will be quite an interesting event.

  2. knowing  

    dave eisenbach, he probably posted comment #2 and this event is just a desperate ploy to get some attention.

  3. Come on  

    He's just asking for a repeat of last year's nonsense.

  4. I say  

    let's relive all our favorite controversies: let's bring back john ashcroft, shut down the asian studies program, block minorities from the gym and declare allegiance to the english crown. it'll be awesome

  5. Michael Cera  

    You call that a sweater vest? honey, that's a v-neck!

  6. wirc  

    No, Robert Moses gave Columbia public property in a park in a backroom deal. Columbia "compromised" by offering a one-story fitness center below the gym, on the level of Harlem. There were two separate gyms in one building.

    • you say  

      that as if it was shady and no one expected it.

      when in fact it was widely lauded as a model public-private developement.

      or that each time Columbia delayed the start of construction, the community renegotiated and got more facilities in the gym in return for renewing Columbia's permits.

      there's this misguided notion that somehow Columbia was reinforcing jim crow by placing the community gym on the bottom. maybe it was just topography? the 'racist' symbolism wasn't an issue until the radicalization of the civil rights movement.

  7. ian c-b  

    i missed these angry threads of minutemen-related comments.

  8. wow  

    Can this not happen again? Def don't need to relive last year.

  9. hmm  

    the minutemen gained legitimacy from the ruckus last yr? you clearly haven't done your research re: the current state of the organization or gilchrist. tsk tsk.

  10. titus  

    Great quote from the last article:

    Gilchrist recalled that it felt like his heart sank to his stomach, prompting him to instinctively yell, "You're all fired."

    "No, Jim, you are fired," Stewart said.

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