Minutemen, minutemen. What heady times those were. Stages were rushed, lives changed,  definitions for “Kulawiking” determined. Indeed, it was only after many long and trying months of op-eds, town hall meetings and general soul-searching that we were finally able to go about the difficult business of trying to move on with our lives.

Or did we? Via Spec, at least one person is nostalgic for Minuteman-mania, and who can blame him? I think we’d all agree that Minuteman didn’t receive get enough attention around here. It’s not like it wasn’t discussed ad nauseum for months on end, or covered top-to-bottom in the campus and national media. Hell, it’s about time we were reminded of the mayhem that went down last year. Maybe Bill O’Reilly could do a one-year anniversary special this October 4th? Pretty please?

As for the invitee: he’s kept himself busy the last six months trashing our dear president, appearing on Lou Dobbs, and taking on everything from Mexican trucking to his fellow Minutemen. Gilchrist might have been cast out of the Minutemen in disgrace, but Bwog suspects he’s still got plenty of fans here at Columbia…