Makonde Masquerade

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Located on the eighth floor of Schermerhorn, the Wallach Art Gallery is currently running Revolutions: A Century of Makonde Masquerade in Mozambique through December 8, 2007. 

With over 60 pieces of Madonke art, ranging from masks to tapestries to puppets, this extensive collection features an often-ignored African culture. Photos on the wall display the dancers in action and there is also a live recording of dancers performing in lavish costumes. Next time you’re passing Schermerhorn, pop in for a quick browse.

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  1. Ira D. Wallach

    Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat 1-5pm

  2. bwog  

    you should settle it once and for all... SHermerhorn or SKermerhorn?

    run a poll on here; whichever one gets the most votes is the official pronunciation of schermerhorn.

    • Zach vS

      It's "Schermerhorn" -- it's a Dutch name, and in Dutch "Sch" is this Hebrew-sounding throat growl. You can trust me, it's in my name.

      Or trust Wikipedia:

      • Still,

        Even if it's a Dutch name, it doesn't mean that the sound is necessarily pronounced the same--white South African names have strayed a bit from their pronounciations of origin, for example. I imagine that it can be pronounced differently depending on the named person's actual country of origin--it's not necessarily related to where the word came from. We need to figure out in whose honor the building was named and go from there.

        until then, SKERmerhorn, fo sho.



  4. W. C. Schermerhorn


    Pupin is also technically Pyoo-peen.

    Wien isn't spelled Wein.

    Schapiro always takes a C

    And Carman is spelled with an A.

  5. W.C. Fields  

    Liquor is spelled with I'm drunk

  6. nerd  

    hey bwog commenters maybe you can help me out this is driving me crazy. i'm doing the b + w crossword and i need "the most studious perv" "cohen; lasalle" and "a cock and bull storyteller."

    and yes, skermerhorn.

  7. crossword  

    cohen; lasalle: creepy twins (this is mean!)
    a cock and bull storyteller: sanchez

  8. jury's out  

    there was free wine there earlier at the opening.

    and DEFINITELY SHHHHHHHermerhorn.

  9. v-show

    The Blue Java Jacker: I'll Get you Matt Harrison!!

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