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“Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup.”

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Who even knows how to pronounce Schermerhorn? Is it SHer-mer-horn or SKer-mer-horn? Regardless of the name, Bwog takes you to the Men’s restroom on the 6th floor. Privacy (is this a poop or pee bathroom?) This one is most definitely a pooper. The stalls are a comfortable size but don’t have those cracks in the door […]

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In this lecture hall review, Bwog navigates its way through the maze of Schermerhorn to arrive in a cushioned wonderland inhabited by over-zealous freshmen and cocky professors alike. We all have high expectations the first time we walk into Schermerhorn 501. It’s the first semester of freshman year, and you’ve optimistically set out to worm […]

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Is this postapus affixed on a bulletin board on Schermerhorn 3 a sadistic psych experiment or just the creation of some clever human with too much time on their hands? Rumor has it the eyes follow you as you walk down the hall. We are left to speculate on the octopus’ internal monologue: Does this octopus […]

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Come to the Schermerhorn Center for Kids Who Don’t Spell Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too! Photo by Sam Schube

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Prolific tipster Jason Patinkin has just reported that a pipe has burst on the tenth floor of Schermerhorn, resulting in the evacuation of the building. “Thankfully, the building is filled with environmental scientists well equipped to deal with such hydrological catastrophes,” Patinkin rationalized in this time of crisis.  UPDATE 3:33 PM: According to a second […]

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Makonde Masquerade

Located on the eighth floor of Schermerhorn, the Wallach Art Gallery is currently running Revolutions: A Century of Makonde Masquerade in Mozambique through December 8, 2007.  With over 60 pieces of Madonke art, ranging from masks to tapestries to puppets, this extensive collection features an often-ignored African culture. Photos on the wall display the dancers […]

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Anna Corke reports: There is a gas leak on the 9th floor of Schermerhorn. Art History Department Manager on the phone with Maintenance: Has anyone done anything about the gas leak on the 9th floor? There’s a class happening up there and no one has told them to leave. Some of the students are getting […]

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