The New Yorker Festival

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Bwog has just bought tickets for the New Yorker festival. 

Some highlights:

  • Zadie Smith!
  • BC alum Jhumpa Lahiri!
  • Parent of Justin Theroux Paul Theroux!
  • Spring Awakening-hater Jonathan Franzen!
  • Padma Lakshmi-ex Salman Rushdie!
  • Miranda July )) <> ((
  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Martin Amis on the topic of monsters (Bonus: almost guaranteed appearance of Christopher Hitchens in audience!)

  • Jonathan Safran Foer! You remember him, right? Frank Foer’s younger brother?
  • A dance party with Sasha Frere-Jones and Diplo!
  • Misogynistic bald man Neil LaBute!
  • CU All-Star Simon Schama and genuinely funny Anthony Lane!
  • Adam Gopnik will probably do something precious and talk about Dalton!
  • Samantha Power on Darfur!
  • And Robert Hass has a few things to say about writing poetry!

Bwog hopes to provide coverage of many of the events listed about. So don’t worry if you can’t make “Bagels with Robert Mankoff” or Calvin Trillin’s walking tour of Chinatown. Bwog’s got you covered.



  1. How about  

    Sigur Ros? They're a must see for this year's festival.

  2. )) ((  

    Cheers for the reference.

  3. But!

    BWOG! You failed to mention:

    "The New Yorker Debate
    Resolved: The Ivy League Should Be Abolished"

  4. Casper  

    Also, Alex Ross on 10/7 should be good. But if you're cheap like me, you can save the $25 & come to his appearance as a guest on Blue Notebooks Interviews, 10/29, 501 Schermerhorn. Free!!!

  5. yuck  


    i cringe everytime i see that. it's so gross. i hate that movie.

  6. Anonymous

    You think Anthony Lane is funny? I'm depressed - and not sad that this is the first year in a while I'll be out of town for the Festival. What a boring lineup.

  7. umm  

    why pay to see zadie smith when she's teaching @ the school of the arts this year?

  8. Um...

    David Byrne?


    There. That should do it.

  9. unfortunately  

    all this shit is fucking overpriced.

    and get your facts straight: duncan sheik is NOT spring awakening. he botched it let's face it.

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