1. Come and win stuff!  

    50,000 cool points for identifying any of the student leaders invited to this chat!

  2. thats cute  

    now all their whining makes sense...they really are spoiled little brats...see bollinger even created a reading circle just like the ones we had in kindergarten to make them happy

  3. wow  

    that looks like a really awkward circle.

  4. maybe sparrow

    that dude in the back with the hat. is he:

    a) a dj
    b) the caterer
    c) prezbo crack security
    d) all of the above

  5. also  

    as far as the CL "ticket"...thats meaningless since your name has to be on the list i.e. you had to register to attend.

  6. its

    an online rsvp, not a "ticket"


    Your must bring a photo ID. Only registrants on the event's attendance list with proper identification will be admitted.

    Doors will open at 11:00 am. You must arrive early. No one will be admitted once the program begins.

    No bags, purses, parcels or placards of any kind (such as posters or signs) will be allowed into the auditorium.

    No cameras or electronic devices will be allowed into the auditorium.

    Due to security measures, you will be required to enter through a metal detector.

  7. question  

    while doors open at 11 and i must arrive early because i wont be permitted to enter after the event is showing up 5 to 15 minutes beforehand acceptable? some of us have things to do and cant show up at 11 to sit around and wait for 2.5 hours till the show starts.
    also speaking of shows, will concessions be sold? will the popcorn have an extra butter option?

  8. student leader

    i dont think it is safe to sell popcorn, because protesters might throw it on stage.

  9. ...  

    This would be much better if you told us what actually was discussed.

  10. wtf

    who is the person sitting to prezbo's left?

  11. now...  

    The big question: will anyone have the balls to rush the stage.
    Come on... what do you have to lose... Grow a pair... Stand up for your beliefs.
    He says that the holocaust didn't happen + Hitler caused the holocaust = Ahmadinejad is like Hitler. That's not me, that's just math.
    Would you have stood up to Hitler? Rushed the stage to protest? Come ON.

  12. Treasury Department

    The Secret Service is in charge of security I suspect. you won't be able to get within 10 feet of the stage

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