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dfsFar be it from us to confuse correlation with causation, but it does seem especially fortuitous that Kian Tajbakhsh, an alumnus of Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation working with the Open Society Institute, was released from an Iranian prison this Wednesday–the same day that plans for President Ahmadinejad’s visit fell into place. 

Apparently, PrezBo had warned the Iranians that he’d grill Ahmedinejad on Tajbakhsh’s continued imprisonment if was not released. He was being held at Evin prison, presumably kicking it with the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Haleh Esfandiari, who was allowed to leave the facility last month.




  1. Uh...  

    Spec reported this in Thursday's paper. Way to be on the ball bwog.

  2. honestly  

    this should give the people some solace that something good has actually come out of this visit.

  3. jika jika ye-uh

    Prezbo is awesome. Also, Ahmadineberg deserves some admiration for freeing a guy from prison just to deprive a university president of a talking point. What a guy.

  4. matt sanchez

    in "Persian Prison XXX"

  5. see...  

    i knew mahmoud was a decent guy. hes not so bad really

    • almamater

      No, that Ahmadinejad... he's not so bad. Next time the Revolutionary Guard will falsely detain an Iranian-American intellectual, we'll all know that we can secure his release by inviting the Iranian president to speak at another prestigious American university. Harvard, Yale, and Princeton should all be on notice.

      • curious  

        is almamater calling him/herself that because s/he thinks this will fool us into thinking s/he actually has something to do with columbia? sorry, it's still obvious you're a right-wing troll from Free Republic or LGF. putting "prezbo" in quotes is pretty telling.

        • almamater

          Haha! I find this hilarious. I put Prezbo in quotes because I think that it's a stupid term of endearment. How amusing that you would think I'm a troll from Free Republic or LGF! I'm a CC student, and I'm not affiliated with any website whatsoever.

  6. gggg  

    prezbo is amazing, enough said.

  7. almamater

    Ahmadinejad thought, correctly, that this good-will gesture would curry amongst his hosts. Likewise, he realized that conducting a large war-mongering rally in the center of Tehran, replete with brand new long-range missles mounted on trucks emblazoned with messages containing the oft-repeated call for the elimination of the state of Israel (,7340,L-3452155,00.html), would hardly offend the sensibilities of the majority of those on campus.

  8. almamater

    The joke is on "Prezbo," and his lackeys.

  9. Anonymous  

    ah, the perks of being an alum?

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