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jjSo the Columbia Coalition Against the War (the War defined broadly at this point) is planning a picket of the main forum/speakout/thingy tomorrow. CCAW released another statement last night, reprinted after the jump, and is waiting on approval from the Dems for another consensus statement that’s expected to announce they’re all getting along again.

Also, it seems that the Republicans would have liked to stage a protest of their own on Furnald lawn, but couldn’t get cleared by security–meaning they had to submit to a 15 minute slot with the Columbia Coalition, just like everyone else. Chris Kulawik was spotted this morning on the Today Show as well, agreeing with SIPA Dean John Coatsworth, whom Fox, Youtube, and Drudge have made more famous than he’s ever imagined. Low Library, which typically doesn’t give Fox the time of day, must not be pleased.

Meanwhile, these guys are bringing at least 434 students–out of at least 8,000 invited–and estimates range as high as 10,000 people flooding the streets. The facebook groups and events are multiplying rapidly.

UPDATE: CCAW and the Dems have released their statement (added below) and all is right with the activisty world.


Why You Should Oppose a U.S. Attack on Iran on Monday

The Columbia Coalition Against the War issued Friday an “Open Letter to Progressive Opponents of Ahmadinejad” calling for groups and people opposed to war with Iran to avoid endorsing Monday’s “Columbia Coalition”-sponsored rally. We hold to the belief that opponents of war who participate in Monday’s rally will, despite their intentions, have their message co-opted by right-wing forces favoring an attack on Iran. However, we understand that many will disagree with our strategic position and will choose to speak. If they do, the circumstances demand that they be explicitly antiwar in their statements.

There are many good reasons to denounce Ahmadinejad and his oppressive policies and intolerant views.  However, in the current political climate, a rally expressing this position which is not explicitly antiwar risks lending weight to the drive to war, whatever the declared intent or format.  We are in the midst of an Islamophobic campaign by everyone from the New York Post to John McCain to demonize Ahmadinejad, occurring in a broader context where the next target for the Bush administration is Iran.  A rally with a clear message of hostility to Ahmadinejad but only a muddied message on the means by which we must oppose his reactionary policies will play into this campaign.

The central duty for progressives in this country in the lead up to the Iraq War was to oppose further US intervention, the sum total of which has turned Iraq from a country with among the highest standards of living in the Middle East, to a country that, after years of US war and sanctions, is now amongst the most decimated and impoverished in the world.  The campaign to demonize Saddam Hussein was never about any concern for the Iraqi people; after all, it was when he enjoyed US support that he carried out his most heinous crimes.  Rather, the campaign against Hussein was used to justify the US invasion. It would have been a mistake for progressives to support an anti-Saddam Hussein rally in late 2002 which did not have a clear antiwar message, and it would be a mistake for progressives to support a similar rally regarding Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday.

In these circumstances, we think it is imperative that, on Monday, there be a clear antiwar voice.  We are calling for a contingent of students and others who oppose aggression against Iran to form a picket by the side of the Low Plaza rally, whether or not they choose to also participate in the main rally.  A strong and visible picket will send an antiwar message that has the potential to resonate on a national scale.

Regarding the Columbia Coalition Against the War’s “Open Letter to Progressive Opponents of Ahmadinejad”, the College Democrats and CCAW regret a series of misunderstandings and miscommunications

The College Democrats have retracted their statements that the Columbia Coalition Against the War is engaged in a “campaign of misinformation” and a “ploy for attention”, and have apologized to CCAW for misreading its letter.  The College Democrats continue to believe that the rally will provide the best opportunity for the campus to actively engage in the speech as well as provide a much needed forum for open discussion on Iran with representatives from all sides of the debate. 

CCAW acknowledges that it was not informed of all event particulars. CCAW continues to believe that, in the current U.S. political climate, opponents of war who participate in Monday’s rally will, despite their intentions, have their message coopted by those favoring a military attack on Iran.  CCAW believes that progressives should not allow this to happen. 

Both groups applaud efforts to simulcast the event with Ahmadinejad and increase participation and free speech and look forward to the open, academic discourse that the event should, in the best case, provide.



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  1. who  

    the hell cares about CCAW? they're irrelevant in the discussion anyways.

  2. Awww  

    Poor CCAW is feeling left out.

  3. CCAW member  

    To be clear, the picket isn't exactly "of" the main rally. It's not intended to be hostile. We just want to make sure that a clear anti-war voice is present.

    • CCAW member  

      Also, I was just told by "Columbia Coalition" folks meeting in Lerner 30 minutes ago that the Republicans have in fact *not* requested a speaker. They wanted to have their own rally, couldn't, and decided to just take their ball and go home.

  4. Ernst

    I do not endorse a war against Iran.

    Nevertheless, I will not give a free pass to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad under any circumstances. If that is "demonizing", so be it.

    Any "progressive" movement that cannot be bothered to spare a moment to rightfully castigate someone as anti-semitic, misogynistic and homophobic as Ahmadinejad isn't worth fecal matter.

    Remember, not everyone who hates the Shrub is your friend.

  5. CCAW doesn't matter?  

    that's hardly plausible considering they've offered the most coherent left response to the complexities of Ahmadinejad's presence. Anyone watching Fox News yesterday saw the demonization of Ahmadinejad and Iran and the push for war with Iran. The possibility for war is probably the most important context in which this debate about "free speech" has occured.

    The Dems have been mildly active, but have not formulated a coherent position beyond "free speech rocks" which hardly embraces any of the political and ideological complexities which the left needs to examine.

  6. umm  

    nice try. where, exactly, is your 'castigation'? you've said a lot less negative about Berdymukhammedov than CCAW has about Ahmadinejad.

    and when's the rally planned for? time, place? do you have a permit from Columbia security, or is it off campus? any endorsers? any media? or, are you bullshitting because you'd rather not acknowledge that demanding that other people denounce every evil in the world with sufficient strength to satisfy you they really really care is silly?

    • Ernst

      Oh that is rich, considering that it is CCAW issuing demands that people not "demonize" Ahmadinejad. I haven't "demanded" anybody castigate anyone. I merely placed a negative value judgment on groups who believe that it is somehow horrible and impolitic to besmirch poor picked-on Mahmoud.

      Tell you what: You decry the evil you hate and I'll decry the evil I hate and will both call it a day.

      Doubtful I can get a permit from Columbia. I'm neither a student or a local resident. Considering the level of discourse I've experienced here so far, I wake up praising Allah every day that I'm not a student at your fine institution.

  7. Huh?  

    What does it have to do with the "brink of war?" You should only oppose oppressive regimes that the United States is at odds with?

    "Better to be nicey-nicey to poor widdle Mahmoud lest his feathers get ruffled, eh?"

    And please don't use the cliche baby voice. It's irritating, not funny, and ultimately vague.

    • Ernst

      Apparently it's the "brink of war" issue that is ticking CCAW craw. Why else would there be a problem with certain groups condemning the Iranian prez?

      Apologies for the cliche infant-speak. Hope you weren't too annoyed.

      Good luck with you various and sundry shindigs tomorrow. Hope the Holocaust denier isn't too miffed by his reception.

      Bye now.

  8. hmmm  

    Any confirmation on anything from the Crs?

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