1. haha  

    i like how security or secret service or someone parked on one of the posters....though i think the guy moved his car when he looked moved after i had walked some distance and looked back anyway.

  2. gah  

    everything's moving like molasses... spec site too... damn bandwidth-hogging outsiders

  3. haha

    'older looking students'

    bwog using euphamisms for the geriatric spartacist crowd that wishes they could relive their sds days

  4. ihateliberals  

    once again rich white liberal graduate students take the side of the enemy.... hypocrisy anyone?

  5. rjt  

    If I relate my viewpoint to Ahmedinejad, can I have attention now? Ahmedinejad may or may not have an opinion on yogurt! Join Yogurt Club!


    LOLOLOL. I love how the gays are supporting Ahmedinijad. Just because he's not western. This is why the west is doomed. Little do they realize. Death to faggots and the west! Allah is great!

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