1. hyps  

    Well bred whites. What a surprise.

  2. axiom  

    It is extremely self-righteous to judge a foreign country, as well as its representative, by our morals and customs, to which not even our own government can adhere

  3. World Can't Wait?  

    The World May or May Not Be Able to Wait - I Can't Really Say

    Party! Wait, I mean, political party. Like, the Democrats. I'm talking about politics. Seriously, this is serious. Now let's get totally blazed! Of course, by that I mean, high on the marijuana of truth. Political truth.

  4. at least

    we know who the kossacks on campus are

    part of the 45% that would pick ahmadinejad over Bush

  5. Flapjack Slim  

    obviously Bush is guilty of lying to the American people and the world at large, and as such has the blood of innocent thousands on his hands. and yet I still feel safer expressing my views here than I do in Iran. so the point is really not that either is worse, but that both are shameful!

  6. Jojo

    What time is he speaking? Will everyone be gone by 2:20? (when I have to leave for my next class)

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