QuickSpec- Judgement Day edition

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  1. big top circus  

    it's show time!

  2. wow

    up early this morning?

    Actually, Helfands question is significantly more thought provoking than most of today's questions about the Holocaust will be.

    Iran is rotting from the inside- its intellectual infrastructure is shrinking. There's a brain drain. And the policies and politics of the theocracy are largely to blame. That's an issue that doesn't get much play.

    Also, Armin Rosen is full of shit. The idea that Mahmoud is some smooth talking ambassador here to hoodwink us is absurd. We all know just what he is. And thanks to Bollinger and Columbia, we've been afforded the opportunity to witness him for ourselves. If he truly is an embodiment of pure evil, then to face him in person is a worthwhile experience, because we'll carry it with us. He won't be just a talking head on the tv box. But living and breathing. And even if he's something far more complex than most people want to give him credit for, it's an opportunity to see in person one of the most important world leaders today.

    I'll be in Roone Arledge today. Thank you, Columbia.

  3. nerd  

    I love Bwog's recent use of Bosch. Ah, nerds.

  4. #2 is right  

    Helfand isn't asking the question that FOX, Little Green Footballs, and 99% of the outraged right want to ask, but Helfan's question much broader implications than parsing Farsi or asking Ahmadinejad to backpedal.

  5. Update  

    The simculcast will be broadcast on South Lawn, in Davis Auditorium (Schapiro), and on CTV (which is available in most floor lounges, etc). It will not be shown in JJ or Wein.

  6. Waahmbulance  

    Check out the comments, specifically the one by "Fred," in The Sun's article. I'm sure that Columbia will miss his straight-A daughter with the tens of thousands of other straight-A students who will continue to apply every year. Boo hoo.

  7. Boo  

    If public funding for Columbia gets stopped because of this dumb move i'm gonna be piiissseeeddd. Think it'll take even LONGER to get my workstudy check then?

  8. yeah...  

    I have no idea how Helfand's question could be characterized as unintelligent. It's probably the most thought provoking one on there guys.

  9. Also

    just a quick check-in, we all do know that Mahmoud is a democratically elected official right? And not in a Robert Mugabe sort of way? Because Americans tend to have a fetish for that kind of stuff. Nothing better than a controversial government with a popular democratic mandate, right? hamas? right?

    • I know that  

      But try asking that to the nutcase Zionists who think he's the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Christ, the man doesn't even have nuclear weapons yet, and he won't ever have any (not if the US has anything to do with it).

      He's still a nutcase though. But Mugabe, who's basically starving his country, is just as bad.

  10. this sucks

    spec is already unavailable cause its getting too many hits

    i need my article fixes damnit!

  11. wow

    Bulliet essentially defends the guy vs the great satan that is the US and then claims that he is a great brave advocate of diversity because he's invited america hating speakers and didn't bring any jewish speakers to a palestinian nationalism conference. seriously, what the hell?

    Then Foner compares the free speech issue here to that of Ben Davis, who was a glorified communist who Foner doesn't mention was convicted of trying to overthrow the govt and before he died was again charged for subversion---this from the same guy who blacklisted radosh after his rosenberg's expose

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