The poster placers speak

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Bwog happened on some of the people putting the aforementioned posters up and chatted them up.

Tyson Brody, C’09, who’s been putting the “bringing sexy back” posters up since 3AM, said, “This is all just political theater, so why not make something fun out of it…It’s just become a charade.” Why is he really doing it? “I don’t know…I’m having fun,” he said, shrugging.

A group of Iranian students are doing the anti-war Iran PR campaign. “We thought a lot of what was going on was creating hatred against Iran and Iranians…You can take pictures of people being executed in Texas, but that doesn’t represent what the U.S. is like,” said one female Iranian-born Columbia alum and asked not to be named. “Someone on campus told me to go back to Iran, that [I’d] have no rights there.”



  1. God

    that person is stupid. Yeah you can take pictures of people being executed in texas. Are you trying to equate rape of child and multiple murder with homosexuality or killing a rapist in self defense?

  2. Cameo

    General anti-Iranianism? I highly doubt it. It's generally accepted that Ahmadinejad is a nutjob who does not represent the general population of Iran. He's a dictator who silences people in his own country - meaning that they disagree with him as well. And I'd guess that the average Iranian doesn't want to bomb America because they know very well what's happened to Iraq under our watch. Let's not read more into Ahmadinejad's visit than there really is.

    Love the country's people, hate the leader. Word up.

  3. social anxiety  

    Thank you, Tyson. Definitely made me not want to kill everyone on my way to class! Man, is Ahmadinejad hot.

  4. Student  

    Those Iranians putting up posters were dumb as fuck. I started arguing with one girl and she just ran away. For some reason, I'm not surprised - after all, she supports Ahmadinejad.

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