1. Alum

    I'm more ashamed by the fact that we have a student comparing the Alien Covenant with the entirety of Islamic culture than by anything else.

  2. well  

    Cheers to Chris Kulawik's pock marks for not making as intense of an appearance on Fox News as they did on pretty much every other TV station. Obviously the pock marks know who their friends are.

  3. well  

    Chris Kulawik is a really sad representative of Columbia so at least they let a bunch of other kids talk this time. I'm sure that pissed off Kulawik though.

  4. amazing  

    that kid backer sure looks like a big idiot now. what a great representation of free speech today. what bullshit. people should have known better. backer's self-righteousness, bollinger's and others' led to this afternoon which was a sham and only a bestowing of honor on Ahmadinejad.

  5. disagree  

    jon backer is a baller.

  6. Anonymous  

    halo is the shit and anyone who can find some absurd and ridiculous way to compare it to radical islamic culture is ballin

  7. Anonymous  

    Halo 3 tonight!!!!!! Be there or be like Alum....

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