1. why hasn't

    Josh Hirschland been fired as SpecTechGuy yet?

  2. don't you mean...  


  3. naiveness  

    is a word. it's the noun of naive. look it up.

  4. it is interesting  

    to compare Bollinger's reception of Ahmedinejad with what he gave Pervez Musharraf:

  5. um...  

    the man took power in a military coup. he's not a democrat and never has been. neither has he ever shown himself to be a paragon of respect the human rights that bollinger occasionally demands respect for. he just didn't happen to be so notorious for it, particularly since he was at least tenuously a u.s. ally.

    • Yes, but  

      he wasn't trying to interfere in the judicial system as he has recently. The Pakistani economy has been growing, and most Pakistanis have, throughout most of his tenure, been reasonably okay with the stability he has conferred. Personally, I hate the guy, but you have to keep in mind that Pakistanis are fairly used to being run by military men; it's only when he started infringing upon civil & basic rights that people began to view him as the dictator he really is.

    • lets be


      Musharaf hasn't openly talked smack about Israel, the third rail of mid east politics. Ergo influential pressure groups didn't care.

      God forbid!

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