1. Oyy, no more please!  

    I've got about 2,960 of these sitting in my closet, and I'm working hard to get rid of them as best I can, lest the NYC Department of Health think I'm a loser who doesn't get laid.

  2. Watch Out!  

    WARNING: The NYC condoms break! I know of several people who this has happened to. Use at your own risk...

  3. newsflash

    All brands of condoms break more easily when used improperly!

    Health services (or alice, or whatever) can show you how to do it if you're uncertain. Alice in particular runs a great condom race at glass house rocks that comes with pretty useful instructions.

  4. CQA  

    To the person whose got em in their closet, just please put them in a box and leave at the front desks of any residence hall or lounge, with a friendly sign! We're going to try to keep distributing condoms on a regular basis since walking through most floors, the condom receptacles are usually empty and RAs neglect to fill them. Graduate student and GS residence halls also lack condom distribution.

  5. nyc condoms?  

    ill take my one train downtown to your south ferry, baby.

  6. [email protected]

    check out the Presidential Condom Challenge at one

  7. Anonymous

    Condoms are important that everyone has an oportunity to use them, so check out to see what you can do!

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