Pupin Evacuated

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Christine Simpson writes in:

Just to let you know, about 15 minutes ago my class in pupin 1332 was told to leave because of a gas leak.  I know that at least one other class above the 10th floor was told to evacuate.

Just nobody light a match…


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  1. CC07  

    In 2003 a fire alarm in Pupin went off. It was raining outside. At least one class was taking a midterm. They all lined up with their backs against pupin and kept writing in their bluebooks.

    My professor stood up on one of the large planters and kept lecturing for a few minutes before dismissing the class.

  2. gassy  

    Shapiro and Mudd were partially evacuated at around 11:15am. Security came by and said that they were getting complaints from as far as the Social Work school and that it wasn't actually a leak in any of the buildings.

  3. dr. pupin

    gas + nuclear waste = unwise combo

  4. mudd  

    we could smell it in my class on the 11th floor of mudd, but my teacher kept lecturing. and he has a policy that if you miss class you fail. people kept going from one lab to another asking if anyone knew where the leak was coming from. no one ever told us to evacuate.

    thanks security

  5. runner  

    Dodge was also evacuated.

  6. mudd (take 2)  

    Class on 8th floor Mudd was also evacuated for maybe 30 mins. Not sure who told us to go back inside, I just followed the crowd.

  7. oh noes!

    Is this the Iranian response we have been anticipating?

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