1. hey!  

    there's one at 114th and Broadway too....

    Doesn't mean I like it though!

  2. WEIRD  

    I saw identical statues near Columbus Circle yesterday (near the Time Warner building). Like, nearly identical.

  3. Well  

    I like the Barnard buddy sitting on the statue. Thumbs up on that count, at least.

  4. i miss

    the depressed ball people sculptures?

  5. is this  

    organized by the same people who did the statues down broadway last time(3 years ago)?

  6. delirium  

    I was running this morning and thought I was just delirious because it was so early.

  7. wait  

    why are they called the Barnard buddies? how are they connected to Barnard? it seems they're equidistant from Columbia.

    on the other hand, i'm glad to know my head is not completely in the clouds; when i saw them today, i thought maybe they had been around for months...

  8. another one  

    in morningside park also. someone from the barnard magazine told me that the scupltures are an exhibit running through 10/19. the scupltor's name is something like boze.

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