After what was, after all, a rather tame event, the hordes receded from campus. Garbage drifted across South Lawn, a few verbal skirmishes broke out, reporters dragooned passersby for reactions, and it became pretty clear that a post-speech timeslot with the Columbia Coalition’s mike wasn’t worth much. Via Spec (which seems to be linking to the blog now?), PrezBo’s numbers are on the upswing again as people burned up the phone lines in Low to congratulate him. 

Also, overheard on Barnard Quad: “I mean it was like sooo boring, how was I

supposed to sit through all of that?”

Thanks to Lindsay Griffith and Sam Reisman, and as usual, more photos after the jump.


This lady was peacefully warlike.

This lady was yelling all day long.


Pre-speech speakouts.