The National Review
, which in Spec-speak is like the “Chris Shrugged” of right-wing rags, (“William F. Buckley Shrugged”?), has anointed Chris Kulawik as the paradigm of all that’s right with the current state of discourse about the Middle East. The problem, natch, is Fulbright-winning, Ph.D. holding professor Juan Cole, who is just ruining everything with his big ideas and his big words. 

…and speaking of trouble with the Middle East, Sammy’s Halal has disappeared from the corner of 111th and Broadway! The Hungry Lion (who prefers to keep his identity a secret) is on the case. Which is good because he’s a student, and not someone who’s studied Sammy’s Halal for decades or anything and has written books about it and teaches a class about it at an Ivy League university.

– JNW shrugged