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It’s time to formally welcome two new Columbia blogs to the ‘sphere. First up, The Commentariat, the new home of Spectator‘s opinion section. This time, the focus is “on the voices of individuals with specific interests and unique ideas,” opined the editor’s note. And what’s sure be remembered as the perfect commencement for such a focus, the first post consists of the definition for “Alligator Fuckhouse” copied and pasted from Urban Dictionary. Welcome aboard, Commentariat!

On the other side of digital Broadway, we have the newly re-launched Barnard Bulletin. The site contains the archives of the Barnard Bulletin, and thanks to Helvetica and Clip-Art additions, you almost forget the Bulletin includes things like a Wes Anderson profile in which the writer doesn’t speak with Wes Anderson. And no issue of the Bulletin would be complete without Sudoku, which totally took 2005 by storm.



  1. re: Commentariat  

    Isn't the tagline "An online opinion blog" somewhat...redundant?

  2. Awww :(  

    As a Columbia senior, I'm always the first one NOT to have anything nice to say about Barnard, but I feel kinda sorry for the beating they're taking here.

    "a West Anderson profile in which a writer doens't speak with Wes Anderson" and "Sudoku, which totally toook 2005 by storm"?

    Give them some credit! Or, I dunno, at least MAKE UP something to give them credit for!

  3. "dude"

    always looking for negatives, bwog... at least give credit where credit is due for an appreciable improvement

  4. uhhh...

    doesn't the spec have sudoku too?

  5. also  

    bwog ran pretty much the same wes anderson piece? or did i miss that it was a joke. moral of story: yes, the bulletin sucks but don't be haters.

  6. when...  

    will the Spec stop trying to mimic Bwog? There's only room for one blog around here.

  7. how  

    is there only room for one blog? bwog isn't even that popular, compared to bored at butler.

  8. a profile  

    of wes anderson in which the writer does not speak to wes anderson...what does that remind me of?

  9. get it right  

    Alligator Fuckhouse.. thats fucking hilarious. also, not the first post?

  10. bwog  

    bwog has a defensive bully streak. what gives? ruins a lot of the snark it seems to go for

  11. hey bwog  

    you really shouldn't crap on other people and then be sloppy in your own posts. the spec blog is 'commentariat,' which you spelled correctly the first time. but at the end of your paragraph, the word becomes 'commentatiat.' you really outdo yourselves.

  12. many  

    of the posts on bored at butler were clearly made by men. if you've ever visited the site, you know the posts i'm talking about and the level on which they operate.

    there are no men at a barnard.

    the bulletin does suck. bwog has its sucky moments. so does the spec, and lots of them. it's the nature of student-run publications. but i wouldn't be proud to go to columbia after reading the apparently immensely more popular b@b.

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