It’s time to formally welcome two new Columbia blogs to the ‘sphere. First up, The Commentariat, the new home of Spectator‘s opinion section. This time, the focus is “on the voices of individuals with specific interests and unique ideas,” opined the editor’s note. And what’s sure be remembered as the perfect commencement for such a focus, the first post consists of the definition for “Alligator Fuckhouse” copied and pasted from Urban Dictionary. Welcome aboard, Commentariat!

On the other side of digital Broadway, we have the newly re-launched Barnard Bulletin. The site contains the archives of the Barnard Bulletin, and thanks to Helvetica and Clip-Art additions, you almost forget the Bulletin includes things like a Wes Anderson profile in which the writer doesn’t speak with Wes Anderson. And no issue of the Bulletin would be complete without Sudoku, which totally took 2005 by storm.