Calling all boys!

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sub3Seven-hundred and eight feet of sub sandwiches, to get consumed at Barnard at 7:00 pm!  Tables of sandwiches are just beginning to wrap from the edge of Lehman library to Sulz Hall. Bwog was told it’s some kind of annual tradition?



The sandwiches are being prepared assembly line style, with helpers adding one ingredient at each pass.

sub girl

Of course, because it’s Barnard, there will be a Kosher tuna fish option.


Get to it, gals, you only have an hour and several hundred feet of sandwich left!


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  1. hungry

    i'm assuming that this food is free?

  2. Food in front of Jay  

    There is also a free cookout in front of Jay right now

  3. barnard  

    and people get angry when columbia people stereotype barnard. they decided that their biggest campus 'statement'--for lack of a better word--of the year would be preparing 700 feet of food for columbia guys? i mean i love it, but how do they reconcile this with militant feminism?

    • Hey idiot!  

      Clarification: It isn't prepared FOR columbia boys. Nor is it our statement "of the year", especially as it happens every year.

    • dumb  

      its not for columbia guys, you dimwit. the bwogger was being cute and stereotypical (guys will love a 700-ft-sandwich by virtue of the testosterone surging through their veins)... the sandwich is primarily for barnard but the gates are open to all.

    • also  

      as other posters pointed out, this is a yearly tradition. but it's totally awesome that you tried to be super witty even though you had absolutely no clue what the hell this was.

      christ, i never thought i'd sound like that angry barnard bitch on bwog...

  4. Bwog,  

    Sean Hannity is coming to Columbia to lecture us for Islamo-Fascism week. Why are you not on this?

    • it's  

      islamofascism AWARENESS week. he isn't going to be promoting islamofascism. i am fucking exited for this.

      • I know that  

        Why would Hannity promote "Islamo-Fascism" you twit? He's going to come here to spout his bigoted nonsense about how Muslims are a danger to everyone and we should throw stones at them. I can't believe Columbia is going to be a major university in this event, I thought we were better than that. I guess Kulawik will stop at nothing to suck on a Fox News dick

  5. random guy  

    So, Barnard girls are good for more than 1 just thing...a good conversation that is.

  6. Columbia Man  

    Idiots wasting money and food. Surely no one will finish it. How much of that 700-ft sandwich will go to waste? Can't anyone on this campus think for once?

  7. Columbia Man  

    The sandwich is OBVIOUSLY a phallic symbol. You girls just like it long.

  8. what's up  

    with the merry gilchrist-mas bwog graphic?

  9. umm...  

    "Of course, because it's Barnard, there will be a Kosher tuna fish option."

    what's that supposed to mean, bwog? that there are no jews at columbia? or that barnard actually considers the needs of it's students?

  10. attack?  

    did bwog get attacked? i mean about the gilchrist-mas deal...

  11. idiots

    further proof that columbia students are just jealous of the attention barnard students get from their school.

    this has been happening for at least 8 years now: http://www.barnard.edu/newnews/news102500a.html

    also, don't forget: http://wikicu.com/Midnight_Breakfast

    • uh huh  

      We're totally jealous. Some sandwiches and pancakes totally make up for going to a school that has a reputation for poorly educating vapid, vain, ugly, slutty, bottom-feeding Ivy League wannabes. You got us there, we're just jealous of your pancakes and sandwiches. Oh well, at least we have a decent education from a reputable school to console us. When people out in the real world start calling you guys on the "We go to Columbia! Really! Barnard is Columbia!" bullshit, you'll have to rely on your cellulite-laden pancake thighs to quell your tears.

      • ouch  

        from a cc-er: think that was a bit much.

      • cc'09  

        wow, you make me ashamed to go to columbia.

      • seriously  

        I know that hating on Barnard is sometimes the thing to do on the Bwog, but there's a right way and a wrong way to do it. You did it wrong. You took something that should be fun, light, and laced with Freudian innuendo, and made it dark, stupid, and indicative of how much you suck as a person. Grow the fuck up.

      • funnily enough  

        despite your vehemence, you don't really manage to persuade that you're not jealous of barnard - or at least of some particular barnard woman. did someone steal your significant other? or maybe dump you? we're sorry for you, really, but bwog comments are not the place to vent.

  12. I only  

    go to Barnard for the tacos.

  13. why were  

    all those jewish people taking over Low steps?

    it reminded me of the scene from the prince of egypt when Moses goes to join the dance with Jethro. lay lai lae le la ley, yay! gypsy chants!!! very utopian.

  14. me.  

    you are all ridiculous. grow up.

  15. LOL

    It's funny because the sub is phallic. LAWL!

  16. !!!!!!!

    ...anyone else see the "Merry Christmas from the BWOG" up top? Did I miss a memo or something?


    Um, I'm guessing it was the one-year anniversary of Señor Gilchrist's visit.

  18. #22  

    Sorry if everyone was put off by my earlier rant, but seeing yet another entitled Barnard girl use a juvenile comeback ("OMG U R jus jellus!!") like the infantalized little airhead she is ticked me off. I'm sick of these girls devaluing my degree by going into the outside world, telling people they're Columbia students, then acting like the insipid, mealy-mouthed, bratty little bitches they are, causing non-Columbia people to go, "Wow, look at the trash they let into Columbia! Guess it's not that great a school after all..."

    Strong Barnard Women? That's a freaking joke. Barnard "women" make me ashamed to be of the same gender. They are vicious, petty, haughty, horrible human beings who set the equal rights movement back several decades.

    Do I wish Columbia had the same level of care from our admins as the little Barnard girls do? Sure. But I wouldn't trade everything that's great about Columbia and awful about Barnard for it. And frankly, I say let them keep the extra TLC/infantalization from their admins. Clearly, they need all the help they can get.

    • clearly

      you are not sorry people were put off by your earlier rant, because you just went into another one. and trust me, "insipid, mealy-mouthed, bratty little bitches" and "vicious, petty, haughty, horrible human beings" who "devalue" our education come from both sides of the street.

      but maybe you just have a killer case of pms? in that case, as a barnard women, i love talking about menstraution and how much i hate men, especially over a pint of ben and jerry's, because i'm such a feminazi fatty. if that would make you fell better, feel free to join me and all of my lesbian boyfriend-stealing friends for our weekly pillowfight!

    • wow

      First off, I'm a male upperclassmen. Having spent 3+ years watching the embarassing school pissing contest that College students get into in an attempt to cling to some false sense of exclusivity and elitism, I'm not at all shocked at your response. What year are you? Usually mature people get past this childishness sometime in sophomore year. That it takes so long is in itself sad.

      And why am I not shocked that you're a girl? No one seems more threatened by Barnard, and more hostile towards it than CC females. Why are you so insecure? Do you seriously think that going to Columbia makes you a better person? What are you afraid of? Seriously, get over yourself.

      If anything, it's people like you (among many others, unfortunately) who make me ashamed of Columbia students.

    • CC woman  

      Quit devaluing my degree, you vicious, petty, haughty, horrible human being.

  19. to whack bitches:  

    People suck everywhere. The idea that you think you can speak about all Barnard women is distressing, considering you are of such a high intellect (or at least seem to think so). Many Columbians I know (of both genders) hang out with us Barnard girls more because they find us to be more down to earth, a fact that you are doing a fine job proving . The majority of us don't feel we need to prove our superiority all over the place.
    Clearly you are smart, or else come from some kind of great family. So why do you have to go around insulting everyone else? It just makes you look like a douchebag.

  20. you're all idiots  

    if you think that the debate over barnard is just about the admissions rate.

    certain columbia masters programs admit a higher percentage of applicants than cc. gs admits a much, much higher percentage. since i don't see y'all blaming them for 'devaluing your degree,' i can only conclude that this is motivated by something deeper-seated.

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