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Learned Foote and Tom Amegadzie of Class Action! The ticket triumphed with 42% of 483 votes. Sean Udell (Representative – iColumbia) was the only candidate to break into Class Action’s slate, garnering the most votes of the representatives with 168 (probably because of the awesome carnival that he proposed in the debates). The only Class Action candidate not to be elected was Noah Baron.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was that despite RealColumbia’s strong showing on Facebook, they seemed unable to turn out their base. Vesal Yazdi and Tania Harsono came in second, 17 points behind Foote and Amegadzie.

The turnout overall was pretty low (even for American standards) and with under 50% turnout, Class Action’s “mandate” is weakened substantially.

In other election news, an anonymous tipster reported the tearing down of a poster and remnants of torn posters in an eleventh hour campaign scuffle between Columbia’s 711 Open 24/7 and Fight for Your Right.

Read more and you can find the complete results as well as the answers to iColumbia’s Sudoku.


Vice President




Learned Foote

Tom Amegadzie

Class Action



Vesal Yazdi

Tania Harsono

Real Columbia



Anna Ginzburg

Amanda Olivo




Lalit Gurnani

Caitlyn Malcynsky

Fight for Your Right



Ankit Gupta

Kenneth Beniacar

Columbia 711 Open 24×7



No Response



Representatives (Party)


Sean Udell (iC)


Sara Partridge (CA)


Melissa Im (CA)


Noah Baron (CA)


David Zhu (iC)


Davey Gibian (RC)


Alyssa LaMontagne (RC)


Adina Levin (RC


Eric Rosenberg (FFYR)


Lisa Weber (FFYR)


Michael Mirochnik (iC)


Shree Awsare (FFYR)





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  1. hate to say it  

    those canary yellow pumps do not go well with that all-black powersuit. save them for Thursday nights at Pike, honey.

  2. ARR

    Well done solving that sudoko. Now that is some thorough reporting.

  3. well  

    Learned Foote = Mark Modesitt 2.0?

  4. Learned Foote

    is an awesome name. I really hope his parents thought it would be a great play on Learned Hand.

    Also, congrats to iColumbia, you are now all tools!

    Lastly, congrats 2011. Your stunningly low turnout will only continue drop with each year. Only truly incompetent class councils get voted out after a freshman year victory. Merely incompetent councils are never challenged.


  5. pardon

    I meant Class Action.

    Well actually, you're all tools for even running. Good job.

  6. wait, wait, wait:

    his name is really Learned Foote? Like, on his birth certificate? His parents are AWESOME; if I could have voted in this election, I probs would have voted for him just on account of that name.

    In related news: I heard a radio story this morning about "Open House New York," which gives you access to all sorts of cool things in the city that are usually closed to the public. Anyhew, the NYC Marble Cemetery has a dude buried there name Preserved Fish. ha!

    • sometimes  

      when i read bwog i think, "Hey... maybe alexw will say something funny or maybe I will learn something informative and neat."

      other times though- times like right now- i just... hate life.

  7. '09  

    I'm not surprised that CCSC presidents have a femme vibe going, given that us CC dudes tend to embrace that "fag chic." I suppose that's to be expected, reading poetry and philosophy and such.

    That said, I think the CCSC 2009 council has a great balance-- the raw masculinity of a George Krebs, the sexy sophistication of Mark Johnson.

    I hope for the class of 11's sake that their council hews closer to the line of '09, and not the lilting foppery that really defined CCSC 10.

  8. Sprinkles

    A few years ago, I remember there being somebody named Dingle Foote at Columbia...HAS to be related.

  9. Also

    Noah, you may be feeling pretty bad now, but trust me...you're probably better off having a normal freshman year.

  10. re: gay  

    not all of the gays were elected...noah is also openly gay.

  11. sss  

    the only reason that they won was that they went around on election day to people's dorm rooms, knocking on doors, and trying to get everyone who hadn't voted yet to vote for them. That is AGAINST THE RULES. Class Action has nothing to offer us as freshmen. At least one person broke through and beat out those bitches from Class Action for representatives. They are vapid and convictionless.

  12. djc  

    I see somebody's still bitter

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