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Get ready for for this one: word has it that Columbia alumnus/right-wing writer David Horowitz plans to make an on-campus appearance sometime between October 22nd and 26th to spearhead “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week,” an event put on through the Terrorism Awareness Project. As a special treat, Horowitz plans to bring conservative talk show host Sean Hannity (who did this this little number a year ago) along with him to give us a speech all about Islamofascism. Details have been floating around here for awhile now, where a long list of speakers during the nationwide event  include Rick Santorum (UPenn, Penn State, Temple) and Ann Coulter (Tulane, USC).

In a Monday blog post, Horowitz denounced the ISO’s Thursday evening event “Using Racism to Sell War: The West vs. Islam?” calling the event a message from “leftwing flak-catchers for America’s enemies.” In his next post, Horowitz refers to the Muslim Students Association as “a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and is funded by the Saudis and is part of the Islamo-fascist jihad,” generally speaking.

Brace yourselves?

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  1. random thought  

    Is Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week kind of like Hugs Not Drugs Week? Do we get to tie ribbons on trees and make a pledge to stay Islamo-Facist free?

  2. fuck...  

    can we just stop? jeeeezuzzz

  3. Bwog  

    creates trouble and controversy because nobody cares about their JJ's chicken fingers posts. It is, in short, Columbia's gossip rag.

  4. wow

    I fully support the rights of whichever narrow-minded groups that are sponsoring this event to hold it.

    I'd also like to express how incredibly uncomfortable and upset this event makes me.

    Some choice quotes:


    "Guns don't kill black people, other blacks do"

    "Baghdad is liberated. In the days to come let us not forget that if it was not for one man, and one man alone -- George Bush -- the people of Iraq would not be celebrating in the streets and pulling down Saddam's statues today... We have entered the era of a new civil war between the forces of freedom and the powers of Islamo-fascist and communist darkness"


    "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

    "They're never very high in anyone's caste system, are they? Poor little Pakis."

    "I think our motto should be, post-9-11, 'raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences.'"

  5. I'm a republican

    why claim your diverse on one hand in the spec and then bring horowitz (a guy who has admittedly done some interesting stuff), who is primarily a hate monger as your speaker? Hannity by himself would be fine, but there are so many much better voices the republicans could bring.

  6. coogan

    Okay, this isn't ahmadinemania, nor is it mere campus gossip, because it's scheduled to happen everywhere. Here's a sampling:

    --Brandeis, Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, Dickinson, Duke, Georgetown, Rice, UC Berkeley, UNC Chapel Hill, Yale


  7. ...  

    so umm the real question is how and where do i get tickets. i know ahmadinejads speech shafted a lot of people and i dont want to be in that position for this. i will not miss this if at all possible. find out bwog!

  8. Columbia Man  

    Shoulda put Ahmadinejad and Horowitz in one room.

    • battle royale:

      Ahmadinejad, Horowitz, Kulawik, Karina Garcia, Charles Jacobs, Alexander Hamilton, Joseph Massad, Bill O'Rielly, Aaron Burr, Mark Rudd, Duncan Hunter. All on one stage. Last one alive wins.

  9. fkcs  

    "refers to the Muslim Students Association as "a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas"

    Are you fucking *kidding* me? Congrats Horowitz, you've rendered me speechless. Gee, I wonder if Bollinger will take a stand against some of his statements, or if he's revulsion will be mysteriously absent that day.

  10. wait...  

    Is Kulawik/the College Republicans even involved or is this Terrorism Awareness Project just coming?

  11. Lerner Hall sched

    Auditorium (the only place security would let this place happen) is booked by Republicans for Monday, October 22nd and Friday October 26th.

    If it's going down, it's going down on that Monday night, at 7pm (they have the auditorium booked).

    I think Horowitz should debate a Columbia Muslim student. ANY Columbia Muslim student. He'd get his ass kicked.

  12. kopakabana  

    I second #22's motion.

  13. hmm...

    I wonder if Hillel will be cosponsoring this wonderful event...

    • hillel  

      nope, hillel tries to stray away from the crazies

      this guy pisses us off too, because it allows people to conflate pro-israel sentiments with "pro-war" or "anti-arab" sentiments, which is just as stupid as conflating Islam and terrorism.

  14. it will be different  

    because this guy is pro-israel, not against... and on this campus that is a crucial element regarding what kind of protests he will draw.

  15. please  

    an open request to fox "news"- please just leave us alone and stop trying to pick fights. it's pathetic and tiresome.

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