Happy Saturday

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For those of you still in need of your last fill of summer, Broadway is brimming with the capitalist and culinary delights of a street fair. And for those unfortunate enough to be holed up in Butler this early in the semester, here’s Bwog’s best attempt to convince you to go outside for some fresh air.

There’s no $1 Thai food in Blue Java. Not even the new Blue Java.





















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  1. hmm  

    maybe Blue Java is changing its name to Brown Java

  2. hmmm...  

    I don't like the way that dog is eyeing that small child.

  3. yumm..  

    small children..mm

  4. Capitalist?  

    What's capitalist about a street fair?

  5. EAL  

    What on earth are those things above the "gyros" sign? They almost look like hearts.

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